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20 Piece Lock Pick Set Tools and One Clear Lock

4 reviews

$ 22.99

    *Whether you are a novice or a professional locksmith, this lock pick set of practice locks will give you the desired effect and fun.
    *Transparent case allow you to see all the moving parts how to work!
    *The black zippered bag has soft texture, strong protection and layered design. Each layer has an appropriate location for the tool.

The transparent padlock can clearly see how all the moving parts work. Coming with 20 different lock pick set tools, including steel lock picks with comfortable handles, 3 tension wrenches and 1 hook, which suitable for both beginners who just getting started with the skill as well as locksmiths.


YOU'RE REVIEWING: 20 Piece Lock Pick Set Tools and One Clear Lock


  • UpLink
    17 Mar 2023
    Decent set for beginners/training

    I'm an apprentice but this is currently my 3rd (1st of these) and when it comes to learning to pick you need a durable and comfortable pickset and these are perfect for training and field work!

  • Susan
    14 Feb 2023

    Love it!!! Ready practice. It is a full kit that will give hours of practice. Great price. Shipping took a while but that is worth it so let at 5 stars. Thank you!

  • George
    13 Jul 2022
    Purchased multiple items

    Not had any problems and low opening most padlocks in less than 15 seconds and iv. Ever done it befor.

  • Brady
    06 May 2022
    arrived fast

    This arrived fast ....I had already familiarized myself with the mechanics of the lock pick on youtube. I took this immediately upon arrival and unlocked a gunsafe in my mothers house that belonged to my dead father and hadn't been opened in seven years in fifteen minutes...