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Comb Lock Pick Set

Comb lock pick set, often referred to as a comb pick or comb pick set, is a specialized locksmithing tool designed to open locks with a specific type of keyway known as a "comb lock." These locks are characterized by a series of parallel, evenly spaced, horizontal pins or wafers within the keyway, resembling the teeth of a comb. Comb lock picks are tailored to this unique design and are used to manipulate the pins or wafers in comb locks to achieve lock entry. 
The central tool in a comb lock pick set is the comb pick itself. This pick consists of a set of thin, flat metal blades or prongs arranged in a comb-like pattern. These prongs correspond to the pins or wafers in the lock's keyway. The comb pick is inserted into the keyway, and by gently manipulating the prongs, the locksmith can lift and position the pins or wafers to the correct height, allowing the lock to be turned and opened.