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Tubular Lock Pick Set

Tubular lock pick sets are specialized tool kits designed for locksmiths and security professionals to manipulate and open tubular or circular locks. Tubular locks, also known as cylindrical locks, are commonly found on vending machines, coin-operated laundry machines, bike locks, and some high-security electronic locks. These locks have a unique, cylindrical keyway that requires specialized tools for manipulation.
The centerpiece of a tubular lock pick set is the tubular pick itself. These picks are designed to fit into the circular keyway of tubular locks. They have a series of prongs or pins that can be adjusted to match the lock's pin configuration. The prongs are inserted into the lock, and by rotating the pick, the pins are manipulated to open the lock.
Tubular lock pick sets are specialized tools tailored to the unique requirements of tubular locks. While they are highly effective for opening these locks, they require skill and practice to use correctly.