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Lock Pick Decoder Key 10 Pin Tubular

11 reviews

$ 46.99

    Press pick on a flat surface to ensure the 'blades' are all level
    Insert pick into the lock
    Gently push while lightly turning left and right
    The lock opens!
    The inner diameter of 0.316/0.318 inches (8.02–8.07 millimeters)
    The outer diameter of 0.370 inches (9.39 millimeters)

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The lock pick tool is a tube with several blades around the outside, each corresponding to a pin in the lock. When inserted into the lock, the pins cause a resistance, causing the blades to set at different levels. When fully inserted into the lock, the different levels of the blades will look exactly like the correct key - it's like a skeleton key for tubular locks.

Tubular locks are high-security locks designed to make picking difficult. The pins are set in a circle with the key being a tube-like item with cuts around the outside. Comes with a Decoder key so you can have a new key cut once picked.
These premium tubular picks set the standard for tools that make picking these locks easy and quick. They are almost as simple to use as a key!
7-, 8-, and 10-pin tubular locks all have the same keyway size, just a different number of pins. However, because of the different spacing of the pins, you require a different pick for each pin quantity.

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  • Harrison
    13 Jul 2022

    Good tool at good price thanks

  • Demetrius
    07 Jun 2022

    nice package. Delivery was faster than expected :) Tools are solid and of good quality. 

  • Yao
    06 May 2022
    Works as expected

    Works as expected, shipped in time and wrapped nicely. A good product for its price.

  • Brent
    25 Apr 2022

    I am beyond happy with this purchase! The only regret I have is that I should have done it sooner.

  • Colby
    15 Apr 2022
    Great products, great prices

    Excellent! A great source for for any of these related products.

  • Andre
    13 Apr 2022
    the quality worth the price

    Best price on a highly recommended set. Thank you!

  • Lucius
    09 Apr 2022
    best lockpicking tool

    Already pick several padlock and things i ever used.

  • Thomas
    31 Mar 2022
    Great value

    Great value

  • darkalcatraz
    25 Mar 2022
    fast delivery with good quality

    fast delivery with good quality

  • Jimmy
    18 Mar 2022
    Good quality tool

    The quality corresponds with the price