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Electric Lock Picks

This is the moment of the electric lock pick a tool that does nothing but open locks. There's no art, no eloquence, no style or passion. Just a unit, an engine, a needle, and a Hell of a lot of vibration. A lock picking robot that completes the circuit between the human picker and the mechanical lock. Enter the machines!

We carry an outstanding selection of premier electric lock pick tools. When you need to breach locks, these automated options can help you save time and effort. Whether you are a professional locksmith, property manager, or building maintenance specialist, our tough and reliable electric snap guns and lock picks can be an efficient and effective choice on the job.

If you’re a locksmith or you want to become one, or if you’re a law enforcement professional whose job (and safety) depend on getting through simple locks, you probably need a electric lock pick. While they’re not a substitution for traditional lock picking tools, they should be part of your reserve of resources.