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Tools are OK

“ Really good fun. Managed to pick my gate padlock and a new one bought from B&Q. I'm scared to try my house locks incase they pick easily !!! ”

Ben Robinson Verified Buyer

32 Pieces Lock Pick Tools Set with 7 Pieces Transparent Practice Lock


Quality item

“ Thank you! Quality item and prompt shipping. ”

Thomas Verified Buyer

25 Pieces Lock Picking Kit + Lock Pick Gun Transparent Training Lock


This is my personal favorite pick

“ This is my personal favorite pick , have been using it for years and decided I need an extra one to keep in my emergency bag. ”

Dittohead Verified Buyer

Original Authentic Lishi NE38 2 in 1 Car Decoder Pick Tool


like it

“ It's an ok set to begin with. I like the handles because the kind with just steel are hard on the hands for long periods of picking. ”

Doc Verified Buyer

Original Authentic Lishi SX9 2 in 1 Lock Pick Decoder Tool


Very nice, Well made! Goo...

“ Very nice, Well made! Good tool. Level surface, Easy handle. ”

DeeOhh Verified Buyer

12 Pcs Safety Box Lock Picks Tools with Tension Wrench


ferramenta ojk

“ ferramenta ojk ”

CAVALCANTE Verified Buyer

5 pcs Lock Repairing Tools Try-Out Keys Set for Cross Lock


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Everything You Need to Know About Lock Pick Sets

Date : 2024-04-09

Have you ever experienced the despair of being locked out without your keys? If you don't have a locksmith who can help you, that's when you realize that learning a lock picking skill is vital. Before you can learn lock picking skills, you need to have a good Lock Pick Set. So how do you pick a good locksmith kit wisely? This article will guide you on how to pick a good Lock P


How to Pick a Lock with a Credit Card

Date : 2024-04-01

  In movies, we often see masters using a credit card to swing and push and pull with ease and the door opens. What is the principle of all these? In real life, can we also use a credit card to unlock the door? If you have lost your keys and don't have the tools to unlock the door, you can try to unlock the door with a credit card in your bag.   How Can We


What are the types of lock-picks and what are they used for

Date : 2024-03-26

Lock picking is an ancient art that has evolved alongside the development of locks themselves. While often associated with illicit activities, lock picking is also a valuable skill for locksmiths, security professionals, and hobbyists. Central to the practice of lock picking are the various types of lock picks, each designed for specific purposes and lock mechanisms. In this article, we will