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It is ok

“ What is there to say? I payed, and received my stuff within roughly a week. Seems to be of good quality, but I am hardly the expert. ”

Michael Verified Buyer

Top of Keyway Tension Wrench Lock Pick Set


great set

“ I’m no pro locksmith so I don’t need a really expensive kit. It’s a great set solid, sturdy and works well. I have a bucket of various padlocks and so far I have not failed to open a... ”

Robert T. Cowan Verified Buyer

10 Pieces Round Aluminium Handle Lock Tools


It is a great lock pick tool for the price.

“ It's a great lock pick tool for the price. ”

DJ Verified Buyer

Original Authentic Lishi ICF03 2 in 1 Lock Pick Tool Decoder


Great for practice.

“ Great for practice. ”

Raughn Verified Buyer

7pcs Comb Lock Pick Stainless Steel Locksmith Tool


Very good

“ Very good ”

Ozuhanu Verified Buyer

Smart Door Lock Fingerprint Multifunction Bluetooth WiFi



This popped up on an email from Amazon, lock picking set, interesting, looks fun, so I got it. Took me about 40 minutes to master breaking into the padlock supplied opening it within seconds,... ”

Clownshoes Verified Buyer

Beginners & Professional 21 Pieces Lock Pick Set w/1 Transparent Training Lock,15 PCS Stainless Steel Lock Picking Kit,5 PCS Credit Card Lock Picking Kit,Exercise Guide


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How to Change Door Smart Lock Password

Date : 2022-08-16

With the development of science and technology, our current living standards are relatively good. Humans have also invented smart locks, and those smart locks feel quite safe, so now everyone has installed smart locks in their homes. , but some friends are not very familiar with the use of smart locks. Today we will see how to change the administrator password for smart locks.   How to C


Do Smart Door Locks Need Wi-Fi? How to Connect

Date : 2022-08-09

The era of manual locks is being phased out as the smart home technology revolution changes the way we interact with our home environment. Smart locks are keyless digital locks that are rapidly gaining popularity in homes around the world and are now considered an integral part of smart home security systems. But, like other smart devices, do smart locks require Wi-Fi to work? Why do smart


How to Lock Door from outside without key

Date : 2022-08-02

Is there a way to lock a door from the outside? How do you lock your door if you don't have a key? How do you lock a door with a key from the outside? Just keep reading and you can find answer!   1. Use A Wedge For Door Locking A wedge, also known as a doorstop, is one of the most popular tools you can use to lock different kinds of doors simply and powerfully. Thus, it definitely h