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I love this tool

“ I love this simple yet effective pick!! ”

Doug Verified Buyer

New Upgrade Lock Pick Tool for ABLOY Lock



“ Very pleased, set is exactly what I needed, father was a locksmith. I had to retire his set this one fits the perfect pocket size for quick entry calls. ”

S. Briscoe Verified Buyer

Colorful Handle 15 Pcs House Lock Pick Kit


Price is great

Good quality I wish I would of found this site sooner. Price is great.

Jimmy Verified Buyer

Original Authentic Lishi HU64 2 in 1 Decoder and Pick


good birthday gift

“ My wife gave me this set for birthday, something I had wanted for a long time. I pulled out an old lock that I had hung on to for some reason, no key that I had ever had. Within about an hour, I had t... ”

Antis Buster Verified Buyer

Original Authentic Lishi KYM2R 2-in-1 Lock Pick Tool Decoder


nice product!

“ nice product! ”

deepbluesnow Verified Buyer

Fingerprint Door Lock Waterproof Outdoor Front Electronic Lock


Great product very useful for beginners and advanced!

“ Works great! Saves me time when learning to pick! ”

Kim H. Verified Buyer

Pen Style Plug Spinner - Lock Picks Accessories


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If you don't have the key, how do you open the deadbolt yourself

Date : 2022-05-17

Have you ever been stuck outside your home or office because you lost or forgot your keys somewhere? In this case, it is difficult to open the door without the key, but if you know how to open the door without the key tethered, you can save your trouble. Some tricky situations are handy to help you open the door with ease. If you're looking for some of the easiest ways by which you can


How to unlock the door without a key

Date : 2022-05-10

1. Peep Hole unlock method. Pry open the "peep hole" on the security door, use a tool such as a "three-section stick" to extend into the room through the "cat's eye", and press the built-in handle or lock of the security door from outside to open the door.   2. Hit the lock cylinder. Find first - insert the key into the anti-theft lock cylinder, tap the key with a hammer at the end


Lock Picking Explained: Learn How to Pick a Lock

Date : 2022-05-07

Unlocking is the practice of unlocking a lock by manipulating the components of the locking device without the original key. While lock picking may be associated with criminal intent, it is an essential skill of the legitimate locksmith profession and a useful skill to be pursued by law-abiding citizens, or simply as a hobby. In some countries, such as Japan, it is illegal for most people t