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“ Good Quality ”

Anthony Verified Buyer

Megascopic Endosmosis Locksmith tools


This is my personal favorite pick

“ This is my personal favorite pick, have been using it for years and decided I need an extra one to keep in my emergency bag. ”

Carlene Verified Buyer

Original Authentic Lishi R52 2-in-1 Lock Pick Decoder


It is ok

“ What is there to say? I payed, and received my stuff within roughly a week. Seems to be of good quality, but I am hardly the expert. ”

Michael Verified Buyer

Top of Keyway Tension Wrench Lock Pick Set


Great Tool

“ Great for getting locks open in a pinch. ”

SHWA Verified Buyer

12 Pieces House Lock Soft & Hard Quick Unlock Toolkit


доставка быстрая качество...

“ доставка быстрая качество на вид супер в работе не проверял,позже отпишусь,как по другим отзывам,вроде рабоч... ”

Pozhidai Verified Buyer

HU64 Quick Open Lock Pick Tools for Mercedes


Great for the price

“ Experienced locksmith here. For the price and what you get, this is an EXCELLENT set to get started with. The pick tools are admittedly a bit rudimentary and likely will wear down after a year of cons... ”

Felicien Sirois Verified Buyer

15 Piece Lock Pick Set and Secure Pro Practice Padlock


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Beginners Guide to Lock Picking

Date : 2022-09-27

Lockpicking is not just a skill for would-be robbers. Learning how to pick a lock can help you understand what locks can do and allow you to create a safer home. It's also a fun hobby, not so different from solving Rubik's cubes.   How does a lock work? To understand how to pick a lock, you first need to understand how a lock works. Standard door locks are a very simple mechanis


How to pick a door lock with a pencil

Date : 2022-09-20

How do you pick a lock with a pen? Can you unlock a door with a pencil? How do you lock a door with a pencil? Here are three questions that users searching on google, today you can find solution here!   How to Pick a Lock with a Pencil? Step 1: Grab Your Keys and a Pencil. Grab your supplies: Keys Sharpened pencil   Step 2: Rub Your Pencil's Graphite (black Tip) Onto Key. Rub


Reasons You Should Consider Lock Picking As a Hobby

Date : 2022-09-14

The art of lockpicking is no longer the preserve of scum. In fact, most criminals have given up picking locks altogether. In the absence of crime, an amazing hobby has taken hold. I know a lot of people think it's illegal to own a lock pick. I would recommend our article on the legality of owning a lock pick, but this is not the case in many parts of the United States. Just FYI, if you