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“ Order arrived in record time. Appreciate the continued quick service - will definitely be returning! ”

Jack Verified Buyer

Original Authentic Lishi KW5 2 in 1 Pick Tool


My new toy

“ I got this to play and have enjoyed using it so far. I have picked some master lock no5 commercial locks as well as a few cheap house locksrn ”

Shawn R. Verified Buyer

27 Piece Professional Lock Pick Set and Case


Nice and discreet

“ Arrived on time and well-packaged. Nice looking tool set. The picks are thinner than I am used to, but I am just starting out. The metal is springy and strong, and I had no issues exerting pressure wi... ”

Daniel K. Verified Buyer

Jackknife Folding Lock Pick Set & Practice Lock


Awesome gift

“ This made an awesome Father's day gift for my husband. He loves it and it works well. The only difference from the instructions is that he places the wood chips in the included screen to ensure no woo... ”

Laura Joiner Verified Buyer

Wood Cocktail Smoker Kit Old Fashioned Drink Smoker


Was very happy with the product and got ...

“ Was very happy with the product and got everything that was described in the narrative ”

Kirill Kharitonov Verified Buyer

3 PCS Locksmith Tools with Transparent 7 Pin Tubular Lock Cylinder


Bought these after I saw The Lockpicking...

“ Bought these after I saw The Lockpicking Lawyers video review, I haven’t tried them yet but they seem to be very nice quality for the money I paid, 2 picks were a little bent but nothing really s... ”

Joey Eller Verified Buyer

12 Pcs Lock Picks Set Transparent Locks Combination


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The Benefits of a Lock Picking Vise, the 2 Most Popular Vises for Lock Picking

Date : 2022-01-18

Have you ever used Lock Picking Vise? Do you know the benefits using this lock picking vise? Well, this article is going to talk about the advantages using vice and you will be introduced with two most popular vices for lock picking.   The 4 Benefits of a Lock Picking Vise 1. Easier to Tension Probably one of the most important reasons pickers uses a vise because it allows them easier access


How to open a locked car door lock without a key

Date : 2022-01-12

There are many different ways to unlock a locked car without a key will be introduced in this article! The first method is that you can use the Lishi Lock Pick, which is a specific locksmith tool to unlock you car. And except for this, we also list some other ways for you in the following.   Use String Here’s a tip for the next time you have to send the dreaded “locked keys in car


How to make a lock pick set with household items

Date : 2022-01-05

In the structure of the lock, the bolt of the door lock controls the opening and closing of the door, and the bolt is controlled by the linkage mechanism in the lock body. In daily life, there are often situations where the door lock cannot be opened, such as forgetting to bring the key or losing the key. At this time, the general solution is to find an unlocking company or damage the door lock. I