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Perfect replacement lock

“ I bought this as a direct replacement for a manual override lock on a small digital safe which had lost its keys. Very good build quality for the price. ”

Mike Verified Buyer

7.3mm 7.5mm 7.8mm Tubular Key Blanks for Plum Blossom Lock


Would make a great gift

“ Bought as an impulse after watching too many lock pick videos on YouTube but genuinely pleased with the quality. The Practice Lock is a little easy but give you a solid foundati... ”

Nicolas Verified Buyer

5 Pieces Cross Locks Try-Out Keys Set with Transparent Cross Practice Lock


quick delivery

“ This is for a friend at work (hospitality industry.) This often works better than a whole set I have. Fast delivery. ”

D. Sargent Verified Buyer

KLOM 10 Pieces Aircraft Folder Quick Opening Tools Set


Got it. 19 days. The metal's good. Tried...

“ Got it. 19 days. The metal's good. Tried on the Avers maggot. Immediately opened for about 30 seconds. The right tool! ”

mainworld123 Verified Buyer

14 PCS Auto Dimple Lock Pick Sets


Good quality, good price

“ Good quality, they worked on first test lock. Shipping a little slow. Will order from here again. ”

Hennig Verified Buyer

Warded Lock Picks Set for Lockers, Padlocks, Cabinets


Great Practice Lock Set

“ This is a well rounded set of practice locks and an absolute must-have for a beginner. After practicing to pick these practice locks a few times, I was able to easily pick real door knobrn locks, dead... ”

Scott D. Verified Buyer

Six Perfect Practice Locks for Lock Picker


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How to choose the right front door lock for your home

Date : 2024-02-28

As you settle into this exciting chapter of your life, one crucial aspect to prioritize is the security of your property. Choosing the right locks for your new home is paramount for ensuring the safety and protection of your belongings and loved ones. With a myriad of options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which locks are best suited for your needs. Here are some essential factors


How to DIY Lock Picks

Date : 2024-02-18

Lock picking is a skill that has captured the imagination of many, whether out of curiosity or necessity. While it's crucial to emphasize the importance of ethical use and legal considerations when it comes to lock picking, there's no denying the educational value and practical knowledge that can be gained from understanding how locks work and how they can be bypassed.   Crafting


How to Open a Locked Bathroom Door

Date : 2024-01-30

Being locked out of a bathroom can be a frustrating and embarrassing experience, especially when you're in a hurry or have guests waiting. However, with a calm approach and the right techniques, you can quickly regain access without causing damage to the door or lock. In this guide, we'll explore several methods to unlock a bathroom door and restore your peace of mind.   Assess t