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This is my personal favorite pick

“ This is my personal favorite pick , have been using it for years and decided I need an extra one to keep in my emergency bag. ”

Dittohead Verified Buyer

Original Authentic Lishi NE38 2 in 1 Car Decoder Pick Tool


Useful with practice

“ After some practice, it can be quite useful. ”

Stacey S. Verified Buyer

Original Authentic Lishi DAT12R/B54 2 in 1 Decoder Pick Tool


quality is good

“ This is my second set of lock picks. One I bought on Amazon, but the quality of this set is much better. ”

Tony the Tiger Verified Buyer

Original Authentic Lishi HU58 2 in 1 Lock Pick Tool Decoder


This is going to be so much fun

“ It might be useful, too. But mostly it's a fun new skill to learn. The practice lock is a bit forgiving, but that's also a confidence-builder. ”

Daniel K. Verified Buyer

Lock Picking Cut Away 6 Pin Practice Padlock



“ You guys are awesome and are a great help in my beginning time ”

Michael A. Verified Buyer

KLOM Comb Padlock Lock Picks Set


посылка дошла за две недели . продукт качественный

“ посылка дошла за две недели . продукт качественный . работает без проблем ”

niked70 Verified Buyer

Original Authentic Lishi HY16 2 in 1 Car Locksmith Tools Decoder


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Picking Car Locks: How do I find the right Car lock pick set

Date : 2023-01-17

If you want to start picking car locks, you need to have the right tools. Car locks are almost as diverse as the types of car locks available. There's a lot to think about. Before getting the right tools for the job, you need to know a little about car locks and what you're going to pick out.   What are you picking? Because a car lock is more of a lock than a locking mechanism,


Awesome Materials for Homemade Lock Picks

Date : 2023-01-10

So you want to make your own lock, but don't know where to start when choosing materials for these epic homemade creations. There are many things to consider when choosing materials and items for these DIY lock pickers, such as the quality of the material, how effective the material will be as a lock picker, how much it will cost, and even how much work it will take to shape that materi


What are the Different Types of Lock Picks

Date : 2023-01-04

Now that you have a Beginner Lock Pick Set, you want to know what the different types of locks are called. Here is a brief overview of some of the most common lockpicking tools on the market and their uses.   Hook pick Hook picks (also called "lifters") can be distinguished by their hook shaped tips and are commonly used for single needle picking. You may find that a hook tool allows yo