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Great Product

“ This is a great product to understand how locks work and how to manipulate the flaws in them to pick them open. I have purchased the beginner kit and the advanced padlock. Reading the manual first is ... ”

ARAM H. Verified Buyer

Medium Difficulty Clear Padlock for Training


21 pcs Dangerfield lock picks

“ Very pleased with the product and the fast shipping. ”

Eric S. Verified Buyer

21 Pieces PRAXIS Lock Pick Kits Dual-Gauge




Fernando Esparza Reza Verified Buyer

10 PCS Double Sided Lock Pick Sets


Husband is impressed.

“ Ended up buying them for his friends too. ”

ALEXANDRIA S. Verified Buyer

Credit Card Lock Pick Set - 5 Pieces Pocket Lock Pick Sets


Great product very useful for beginners and advanced!

“ Works great! Saves me time when learning to pick! ”

Kim H. Verified Buyer

Pen Style Plug Spinner - Lock Picks Accessories


Almost perfect

“ Shipped quickly, inexpensive, and includes a wide variety of picks. However, the picks seem a little wide. They fit in keyways just fine, but high wards on the lock makes it really hard to maneuver th... ”

Corwin W. Verified Buyer

9 Piece Lock Pick Set Economy Starter


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Lock pick guns can be manual or electric, electric lock pick gun must be easier to help you open a lock! So, how to use an Electric Lock Pick Gun and where is the best place for getting a EPGs? Follow the article, and you will obtain the answer!   The Automatic Electric Pick Guns (EPGs) is one of the most famous lock pickers. Improvements to the manual "spring gun" (originally designed f


How do lock pick guns work: ways to use lockpick guns to open locks

Date : 2021-10-07

Are lock pick guns easy to use? How does a pick gun work? Do lock pick guns damage locks? Follow this short article, and then you will find the answer relating to these three questions!   How Lock Picking Guns Work? A lock picking gun works on the principal of inertia or for example Newton’s Cradle. The steel rod from the lock picking gun strikes the pins simultaneously when you pull


What is a master key for a car, how do I get a master key

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What is a vehicle master key? How do I get a master key for my car? What does a master key do? What is the difference between a master key and a regular key? These are the questions people listed on google and they want to find the answers! Today, you can find all the answer concerning all these questions!   What is the difference between a master key and a regular key? Some locks are d