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31 Pieces Lock Pick Set w/2 Transparent Training Lock,24 PCS Stainless Steel Lock Picking Kit,5 PCS Credit Card Lock Picking Kit,Exercise Guide

133 reviews

$ 26.99

    TREMBLING THE LOCKS: With 20 various picks of stainless steel handle and 4 different wrenches, the lock picking set can be used for many mortise locks. More than one skill to open your own house, warehouse, garage or tool box locks
    INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The practice padlock is constructed clearly and transparently. You can see all the movements of the pins and understand how a padlock works. So you can gain more experience and improve your skill with this lock pick set
    JAMES BOND NEEDED LOCK PICK KIT: The high quality wallet-like lock pick toolkit can let you take and use it anywhere. It is a must for the beginner to be advanced locksmith. Suitable for the guys who like the 007 missions
    ONE MORE LIVING SKILL: Follow up the guide we provided, practice the unlock skills with our lock picking tool day to day. You will be a good locksmith soon. You can help your friends if they need, or as a part-time job for a living
    AFTER SALES SERVICE: Please contact us if you have any problems about our lock picking set. We'd love to serve you at any time.

Craving a new challenge? Looking for an unforgettable gift?

Discover the art of lock picking with our complete training kit and amaze everyone with your skills!

Everything You Need:

The Lockpickmall 26-piece lock picking kit includes everything you need to learn and master lockpicking: from a wide variety of tools to step-by-step easy to follow instructions. No prior knowledge required.

What You Get?

★ 20 Different Lock Picks
★ 4 Tension Wrenches (SUPER STRONG stainless steel wrench included)
★ 5-Piece Credit Card Lock Picking Kit
★ 2 Transparent Training Padlock With 2 Keys
★ 1 Vegan Leather Pouch
★ Beginner's Quick Start E-Guide "3 Steps to Pop Your First Lock"
★ Advanced E-Guide "MIT Guide to Lock Picking"

A Pick For Every Lock
◆ This set includes every pick you could ever ask for. With all this wide variety, you'll be ready for any lock that comes your way.
◆ We've also added a broken key extracting tool to help you get out of those common and costly accidents.

"Peek" Inside
◆ Understanding how locks work is essential before picking one. "Peek" inside the lock mechanism and see how everything works with our transparent padlock.
◆ It won't be long before you feel that incredible satisfaction as you pop it open before your eyes!

Be Prepared
◆ This ultra-portable lock pick kit includes 5 of the most essential tools.
◆ It discreetly fits in your wallet so you can carry it everywhere, perfect for emergency situations.

Tension Wrenches & Auto Tension Tool
◆ We heard your feedback, and now we've replaced our previous tension wrench with a super-strong stainless steel one.
◆ No more worrying about breaking your most important tool!

Beginner guide(Download Now)
◆ Pick your first lock by following the step-by-step instructions in our Quick Start E-Guide.
◆ Easy to read, includes videos and illustrations to help you get started.

Advanced guide(Download Now)
◆ Dive deeper into the world of lockpicking with our second E-Guide.
◆ Learn the most advanced techniques that will help you pick even some of the most secure locks out there!


YOU'RE REVIEWING: 31 Pieces Lock Pick Set w/2 Transparent Training Lock,24 PCS Stainless Steel Lock Picking Kit,5 PCS Credit Card Lock Picking Kit,Exercise Guide


  • Dave Amzn
    04 May 2024
    Good starter kit

    Such a brilliant invention and resource. It's a pity I didn't have it when I was that age... I could have salvaged many discarded paddocks. I don't think it's something thieves would bother with, haha. After all, it's genuinely enjoyable to play with and comprehend how everything functions. Overall, there are four distinct scenarios in the set, each more challenging than the last. All it requires is a bit of patience. It's definitely a great gift for a family member.

  • Tom Flash
    11 Apr 2024
    Great Tools

    I would recommend this kit to the whole family. The kit also comes with a booklet that tells you which pick to use and how to use it... I had a blast learning to pick all the locks with this kit... There are also multiple videos on YouTube where you can also learn how to pick More advanced locks.

  • LadyJ
    09 Apr 2024
    No keys - no problem

    I recently got my hands on the Lock Pick Set, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! This incredible product comes with  lock picking tools and transparent training padlocks. The tools are of excellent quality, and the included guide has been a life saver for someone like me who’s just starting out. I wholeheartedly recommend it. It’s good for me!

  • Tabbasum Naz
    06 Apr 2024
    Definitely worth buying

    It was good quality, it came in a nice case with good quality practice locks and arrived early. I managed with some online tips and a little perseverance to get the hang of it and pick a few locks. This is amazing it was hard at the start but then it can teach u amazing skills!

  • Luke
    30 Jan 2024
    Many picks

    I love how this set comes with loads of different picks for lock
    I have learned how to pick with this set alone
    Very good for beginners

  • Oscar
    26 Dec 2023
    overall verry good

    i found it very easy to learn with and spent hrs practising had loads of fun

  • Roberts
    04 Jul 2023

    This entry level lock pick set is good enough to get you started and to let you see if this is something you'd want to pursue more, but I don't think it'd last you a long time and you'd want to be upgrading to a more durable set in a short space of time.

  • Eric Bazin
    19 Jun 2023
    Très bon kit

    Au premier abord, ouvrir le cadenas fourni à l'aide des outils fournis parait chose très complexe. Puis, avec de la réflexion et de l'observation, on détermine rapidement le type d'outil à utiliser. Ma première ouverture m'a pris 5 mn. Donc,c'est plus simple qu'il n'y parait. Aux autres de s'essayer.

  • Braxton
    09 Jun 2023

    It is better if the delivry could be faster

  • Braxton
    18 Apr 2023

    I have always had customers who are curious about lock workings. This is one of the better examples of showing lock components in a small compact way without the rest of the lock distraction. And oddly enough when these arrived in the mail, I used this example and the customer found it so interesting, they had to have it!