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Credit Card Lock Pick Set - 5 Pieces Pocket Lock Pick Sets

28 reviews

$ 2.99

    Our credit card lock pick set makes an ideal gift - for yourself, or for anyone that loves useful concealed tools - you never know! Our credit card lock pick set features:
    Same size as a credit card
    Four Lock Picks (2 lock picks, 2 lock rakes)
    One Double-ended tension tool
    Fits easily in your wallet
    Gauge: The picks are 0.021" thick.


*100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
*Shipped within 24 hours
*Full refund within 30 days without any reason
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*Credit Card Lock Selection Tool
*Size: 88x52x3mm
*Folding Pocket Knife Locksmith Tool
*Size: 100x33x10mm
*Package Including:
*1x credit card style lock set, contains 4 picks and 1 tension tool.

spy lock pick set hidden in a credit-card sized case that fits conveniently in a wallet, your pocket or among your cards. Be prepared, be stealthy with a credit card lock pick set. If you want to learn how to pick a lock, credit card lock pick sets are the best.

How to Pick a Lock with a Credit Card Lock Pick Set
Lock picking is not just about breaking into people’s homes. It’s also about doing things yourself. Haven’t you ever locked yourself out of your house or car? You’ll be helpless while you call a professional locksmith to save the day. It’s also a good way for you to discover how unsafe some locks can be and enable you to buy safer locks for your houses.
Pin tumbler locks require you to put the correct key so the key pins and the driver pins fall into the correct alignment on the shear line. Then, you can rotate the plug. Lock picking is the same process except you use a tension wrench and a lock pick to do it.
It’s easy to learn how to pick a lock with credit card lockpick sets. Insert the tension wrench (at the top or bottom of the key hole) and apply slight pressure in the direction of how the plug normally turns if you had a key. The pick will then lift the key pins and the driver pins. If you’re applying the right amount of pressure, the plug will rotate slightly as you do this. The key pins will fall back down and the driver pins will catch the edge of the plug when you remove the lock pick and enable you to turn the plug.
Make sure that you’re not applying too much pressure on the tension wrench as it will only cause the driver pins to stay below the shear line. What we’re looking for is enough pressure so you can lift the driver pins above the shear line but then catch the edge of the plug when they fall back down.
Of course you can also use the credit card part of this set if all you’re opening is a door. Just insert the card through the edge of the door and it will push the latch bolt aside. Then, you can open the door without any trouble.
Can the Credit Card Lock Pick Set Fit in My Wallet?
Of any lockpick set, credit card lock picks are the most convenient to take because it can fit in your wallet with no trouble. It’s the size of a credit card so this lockpick set can be put snugly in the credit card slot of your wallet. You’ll have one additional set of tools in your pocket.
It's small, it's flat, it's discreet, it's great!

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  • Adeel Iqbal S
    29 Jan 2024
    Never dealt with lockpicking before

    If you have found yourself like me, asked to open a cash box, you have probably resorted to finding a paper clip or bobby pin. Those methods work for a simple job like the above but I thought why not just keep a set of small basic tools.
    These actually worked opening a cash box a family member requested me to open, to my surprise it were empty, but I got in with the rake tool and torque wrench tool.
    Great set and amazing price for beginners!

  • No
    23 Oct 2023

    It was really good

  • Rino125p
    14 Aug 2023
    Good for beginers

    As a beginner lock picking enthusiast, I found the Credit Card Lock Picking Tool Kit to be the perfect starting point. The tools are conveniently housed in a credit-card-sized case, making them easy to carry. The quality of the tools is good, providing an excellent practice experience for me.

  • Gene
    23 Mar 2023

    Fits easily in my wallet

  • William
    14 Nov 2022

    This set is very easy to use and comes in a compact size. If needed, you can carry in your wallet and have them available. Just like the bigger tools but compact. Will save you a lot of time.

  • Amir
    13 Jul 2022
    Great service

    Would recommend this product 

  • Luther
    06 May 2022
    as described

    Came as described.

  • Dempsey
    09 Apr 2022
    great price

    This is a high quality product at a great price and easy to carry by my side!

  • Thomas
    31 Mar 2022


  • Brittany Simons
    25 Mar 2022
    Lock pick set

    Excellent useful kit, credit card set fits nicely into wallet, comes in very handy.