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25 Pieces Lock Picking Kit W/3 Transparent Training Lock,5 PCS Credit Card Lock Picking Kit,17 PCS Stainless Steel Lock Picking Kit,Exercise Guide

591 reviews

$ 19.99

    HIGH QUALITY LOCKPICKING SET: Our extensive kit contains professional locking tools with everything you need to practice and perfect your lock picking skills. From beginner to professional in a short time!
    4 EXERCISE LEVELS: 3 transparent practice locks help you to understand different types of locks. Expand your skills and learn to pick different types of locks in 4 steps.
    2 COMPREHENSIVE INSTRUCTIONS: We hope to help you develop from a complete beginner to an advanced blocker. 2 This manual and product video explain the working principles of locks and lock picking. Even without previous knowledge!
    BONUS CREDIT CARD SET: Extremely light lock picking kit with the 5 most important tools in James Bond style, disguised as a credit card. Inconspicuous, fits in your wallet and is always with you!
    LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We are proud of our lock picking sets and consider them the best. That is why we grant a lifetime money-back guarantee for anyone who is not 100 percent satisfied.

Craving a new challenge? Looking for an unforgettable gift?

Discover the art of lock picking with our complete training kit and amaze everyone with your skills!

Everything You Need:

The Lockpickmall 20-piece lock picking kit includes everything you need to learn and master lockpicking: from a wide variety of tools to step-by-step easy to follow instructions. No prior knowledge required.

What You Get?

★ 17 Different Lock Picks
★ 5 Tension Wrenches (SUPER STRONG stainless steel wrench included)
★ 5-Piece Credit Card Lock Picking Kit
★ 3 Transparent Training Padlock With 2 Keys
★ 1 Vegan Leather Pouch
★ Beginner's Quick Start E-Guide "3 Steps to Pop Your First Lock"
★ Advanced E-Guide "MIT Guide to Lock Picking"

A Pick For Every Lock
◆ This set includes every pick you could ever ask for. With all this wide variety, you'll be ready for any lock that comes your way.
◆ We've also added a broken key extracting tool to help you get out of those common and costly accidents.

"Peek" Inside
◆ Understanding how locks work is essential before picking one. "Peek" inside the lock mechanism and see how everything works with our transparent padlock.
◆ It won't be long before you feel that incredible satisfaction as you pop it open before your eyes!

Be Prepared
◆ This ultra-portable lock pick kit includes 5 of the most essential tools.
◆ It discreetly fits in your wallet so you can carry it everywhere, perfect for emergency situations.

Super-Strong Tension Wrench
◆ We heard your feedback, and now we've replaced our previous tension wrench with a super-strong stainless steel one.
◆ No more worrying about breaking your most important tool!

Beginner guide(Download Now)
◆ Pick your first lock by following the step-by-step instructions in our Quick Start E-Guide.
◆ Easy to read, includes videos and illustrations to help you get started.

Advanced guide(Download Now)
◆ Dive deeper into the world of lockpicking with our second E-Guide.
◆ Learn the most advanced techniques that will help you pick even some of the most secure locks out there!


YOU'RE REVIEWING: 25 Pieces Lock Picking Kit W/3 Transparent Training Lock,5 PCS Credit Card Lock Picking Kit,17 PCS Stainless Steel Lock Picking Kit,Exercise Guide


  • Shell .h.
    27 Apr 2024
    Very good value for money

    Great value for money, and overall, I learned how to pick the lock very quickly. For a beginner, this is really good can focus on learning. However, I wish they made/included more see-through locks so we could try bigger challenges.

  • MichelleB
    18 Apr 2024
    Perfect Equipment

    I really like this lock picking tool, which for me allows me to focus on one thing. I hope this will be a valuable skill for someone in the future, and maybe one day I will have the opportunity to use this tool to help someone else (maybe a lost key, etc.).

  • Michal
    18 Apr 2024
    Lots of items and good quality

    This is a good set for beginners. It's great to be able to see the internals of the locks, making it much easier to get an understanding of how each different type of lock works.

  • LadyJ
    15 Apr 2024
    Good Tool

    The picks are good, the handles are cheap plastic but the blades are good quality. The case is nice and sturdy. There is a good variety of pry bars and tension rods. The quality of the locks is good for newbies and you can concentrate on practising it.

  • Richard Uttley
    14 Apr 2024
    Pretty fun to play with. Sturdy tools enough

    Great product, I bought this lock cylinder set which includes a large number of lock cylinders at a cheap price, the cylinders themselves are very strong and well made, in addition, the locks are well constructed and allow for good use of the cylinders without damaging them, great product, would recommend this to anyone with children as it keeps them focussed.

  • LadyJ
    02 Apr 2024
    Pretty good to get started with

    These are great tools to get started with. The first time I got my hands on one, it took less than 5 minutes to get the padlock working. I was worried it would look cheap and be plastic, but it's very sturdy and durable.

  • happytranny
    19 Mar 2024
    Nice kit with a great selection of practice see-thru locks!

     This is a fairly comprehensive beginner's set, but the sample locks supplied with this will challenge the professional as well, I suspect.
    I do have some previous experience at playing around with lock picking tools and indeed already possess a kit, so I can say that this is a pretty good little kit with a basic set of lock picks and a few extras, like the mini set housed inside a dummy credit card. As far as I can see they are perfectly good and fit for purpose, and will give any mechanically-minded individual hours of adsorption and challenge.
    There is a set of commonly found locks that you may see in everyday life and a couple more that are an especial challenge (like the one with a double row of pins!)
    The instruction book is at the same time comprehensive and vague, but there are many, many videos online that will show how to use the tools, so its not a big problem.
    I would definitely advise anyone trying this for the first time to watch a few videos before getting to grips with this, as picking locks can be very tricky at first, and takes a while to get the right "feel" for the art, as you need to use just the right turning pressure when picking a lock, and it does take practice before you open your first lock, but it is very rewarding when you do!
    This is a great little kit, and I particularly liked the selection of practice see-thru locks (keys supplied). But it does take practice, and it won't be mastered in a couple of hours, so watch some videos!

  • Shane
    18 Feb 2024
    Excellent Beginner Lockset :)

    I started off with no lock picking experience but this kit gives you everything you need to start. High quality picks paired with an array of see through practice locks and a set off instructions makes this a great kit. After some practice I was able to pick some real padlocks and door locks I have in my home. All high quality materials that are still in great condition despite me being rough with the locks so without a shadow of doubt I would 100% recommend this product to anyone looking to give this hobby/skill a go!

  • Molly
    23 Jan 2024
    Nice set for a lock picking adventure

    I recently purchased this lock picking kit for my aspiring junior detective, and it's been an unexpected delight! Here's the lowdown on why it's a game-changer:
    1. **Educational Fun:** Forget video games – this lock picking kit is like a hands-on puzzle that teaches problem-solving and patience. My little one is mastering the art of unlocking while developing critical thinking skills.
    2. **Quality Tools:** The kit comes with sturdy, kid-friendly tools that aren't flimsy. It's like introducing them to a mini locksmith workshop (or jnr prison break?), minus the locksmith license!
    3. **Parental Bonding:** Who knew lock picking could be a bonding experience? It's become a family affair, and I get to share my "wisdom" on the art of unlocking (while secretly learning from my pint-sized prodigy).

  • Linda
    03 Jan 2024

    Great service very happy with product