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Jackknife Folding Lock Pick Set & Practice Lock

45 reviews

$ 19.99

    This covert lock picking dream contains the following versatile picks:
    Half Diamond
    Hook Pick
    City Rake
    Deforest Pick
    Tension Tool

Craving a new challenge? Looking for an unforgettable gift?

Discover the art of lock picking with our complete training kit and amaze everyone with your skills!

This covert lock picking dream contains the following versatile picks:
*Half Diamond
*Hook Pick
*Deforest Pick
*City Rake
*Tension Tool
*Precise manufacturing and experienced design means you can pick locks with confidence.

The design is pure elegance, a solid, pleasing weight combining an array of the most effective lock picks and a tension wrench, which clips satisfyingly into the back. Everything you need to pick locks, anywhere, anytime.

The locking nut on the side tightens the selected pick into place, just flip them out, choose a pick and go. There's no wiggle, no wobble, just stunning design and devastatingly effective lock picking wickedness.

You get to be James Bond, Ethan Hunt, Jason Bourne, this is one of the most impressive lock pick selections, always accessible in your pocket that you can own.
Not only do you get lock picker kudos, but get this universal lock pick tool out and you'll be amazing in any situation.

It's so slick, so shiny, so utterly stylish, and it picks locks.
Add this superbly versatile piece of lock pick kit to your EDC set or carry it around with you in case of emergencies, or learn to lock pick with our multitool and practice lock bundles - available in the dropdown.

Beginner guide(Download Now)
◆ Pick your first lock by following the step-by-step instructions in our Quick Start E-Guide.
◆ Easy to read, includes videos and illustrations to help you get started.

Advanced guide(Download Now)
◆ Dive deeper into the world of lockpicking with our second E-Guide.
◆ Learn the most advanced techniques that will help you pick even some of the most secure locks out there!


YOU'RE REVIEWING: Jackknife Folding Lock Pick Set & Practice Lock


  • Indrani
    14 Sep 2023
    Fast shipping and excellent service

     Item is light and fits well in pocket.

  • Ethan
    06 Dec 2022

    Only thing that would make it better would be the delivery speed. Still well worth it for the price.

  • Felix
    29 Jun 2022

    especially like the PRACTICE LOCK, it helps me learn more about locks

  • Mark
    06 May 2022

    Not too bad. Does the job

  • BG
    31 Mar 2022
    exactly what I was expecting

    nice, exactly what I was expecting same as picture, strong and easy to use I have already started opening locks with it, thank you

  • David
    10 Mar 2022
    It is compact

    It is compact and every thing you need in an emergency.

  • Wayne G.
    12 Aug 2021
    Lock pic

    Well I havnt picked a lock yet but I’m trying lol

  • Daniel K.
    25 Jul 2021
    Nice and discreet

    Arrived on time and well-packaged. Nice looking tool set. The picks are thinner than I am used to, but I am just starting out. The metal is springy and strong, and I had no issues exerting pressure with them. The tension wrench is tricky to take out and put in, but not a problem once you get it.rnrnOverall, it is easy in the pocket, without feeling bulky. I feel like it can be handy on those rare times when I suddenly need the tools. I can adjust to the slightly different feel of the tools without problems. I may buy one for my brother!

  • Michael D.
    20 Jul 2021
    Great quality, reasonable prices

    I don't know why people bother with the cheap Chinese lock pick kits with 30 tools. When you're starting out you really don't need that much variety and you're MORE likely to break cheap tools than quality ones. The jackknife lock pick multitool has everything you need to pick most common locks on the go. I bought two, one to leave in my truck and one to carry when traveling.

  • Rick M.
    07 Jul 2021
    Great Quality

    I was impressed with the quality. I have owned several of these jackknife pick tools. This is the best made of them all. I would highly recommend it.