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Clear Training Lock with Visible Mechanism - Lock Picking Practice

97 reviews

$ 9.99

    Practice Padlock Specification:
    Height: approx. 3 inches / 7.6cm
    Width: approx. 2 inches / 5cm
    Thickness: approx. 0.5 inches / 1.3cm
    Weight: 110g
    Package Contents:
    1 x Fully working, Transparent Padlock with visible mechanism for lockpick training
    2 x Keys

Height: approx. 3 inches / 7.6cm
Width: approx. 2 inches / 5cm
Thickness: approx. 0.5 inches / 1.3cm
Weight: 110g
Package Contents:
1 x Fully working, Transparent Padlock with visible mechanism for lockpick training
2 x Keys

A clear practice padlock can help you visualize the lock's inner mechanisms. Of course, there will come a time that you'll test yourself in picking regular padlocks.
Even with the right tools, professional locksmiths still take a long time in defeating padlocks. That's why our practice set includes the following:
Transparent and clear practice padlock casing allows learners to see how all the moving parts work
Visible pin movement when a key is inserted in the lock and turned
Visible up and down pin motions as the key slides into and out of the practice lock
Allows all levels to visualize the action of each lock pick inside a normal lock
Perfect practical companion to our free eBook with each lock pick set order to give learners a theoretical guide on how the practice lockpicking and how the tools work
Works perfectly as a fully functional normal padlock even if it’s just for practice

Our lock picks, and practice padlock set, intend to show you how locks operate. But wait, how can someone practice picking with regular locks?
Thus, with a clear lock, take time to develop a mental image of the practice padlock. Then, incorporate different stimuli like the sound and feel of the tools as they touch the pins of the practice padlock.
Once you've acquired a mental image of the clear lock, you are ready to pick a regular lock. Perhaps, you'll go back to a clear lock from time to time, and that's okay. Use the clear lock as a guide to master this art.

So you've tried picking locks and you might as well be putting a fork in there? I get it - we were all there once. It’s never easy to learn lock picking. Practice locks are also not available in hardware stores because they are clear locks.
It would be hilarious for a hardware store to sell a clear padlock. It’s like saying to a thief, “hey, just barge in while we’re asleep.” But, your interest about locks must not go to waste. We have the thing that you won’t find anywhere else.
These days though, thankfully, we have confidence building, warm-feeling, super-duper Clear Practice Locks.
Here's our seven-pin Clear Practice lock, complete with keys so you can see how keys - and picks - work when in the lock.
This is a great how-to device for learning, education and improving your lock picking technique. Give your lock picking some vision and realise your potential - you'll be picking locks in no time with our practice aid.
Is Lock Picking Legal?
Lock picking is a commonly misunderstood activity. People often associate lock picking with theft and other crimes. But, at its foundation, lock picks are harmless tools.
The illegality of its use only arises if the user—which is you, by the way—has malicious intent. If you intend to use lock picks to break into somebody's house, that's illegal. If you want to use it as a learning activity, then you violate no law. The mere existence of these tools doesn’t equate to crime.
Thus, if the "legality" of lock pick use concerns you, then here's a 100 percent assurance that it is legally allowed in the United States as long as it is for recreational or educational use.
Why Should I Buy This Product?
Now that you're comfortable about the legality of lock picks, your next question must be the heading of this section. Below are the possible reasons why you need to buy this product:
Are you curious about how to pick locks? This product aims to resolve that curiosity.
Do you fancy mechanisms? Our lock pick sets will provide hands-on experience about a padlock's mechanisms.
Do you like puzzles? Interest in puzzles is the common reason customers buy our lock pick sets. Take the challenge now!
Are you a novice locksmith? Our clear practice lock and lock pick set can help you master the art of locksmithing.
Convinced already? If not, then read further.


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  • Bob Netherlands
    05 Mar 2024
    Nice extension

    Nice extension set to keep track of my skills. I was able to explain to my daughter how it works and what happens. She has now opened her own bike lock. Handy if we really lose the key later.

  • Miff
    19 Dec 2023
    A great help.

    Arrived extremely quickly. Very well made and does the job perfectly.

  • Thor
    29 Dec 2022

    I used these to demonstrate the mechanics of how a lock works to elementary students and they really enjoyed them. A few were even able to crack it with paper clips and were so excited to see them open. Customer service was very helpful with the expedited order even when I had input the wrong shipping address! Thank you!

  • Waylen
    16 Sep 2022

    Took 12 days to get to me, but the picks themselves make up for it.

  • Anthony
    02 Sep 2022

    Very Happy with my purchase as a beginner's set of picks. Exactly as described.

  • Richard
    17 Aug 2022
    Pleased with the set.

    Nice product. I don't know anything about lock picking but it is an interesting subject. Unsuccessful at this time.

  • Gabriel
    13 Jul 2022
    as expected

    strong and reliable, worked as expected

  • Fletcher
    09 Jul 2022

    The item arrived quickly in a good condition. A nice store. Recommended!

  • Scott
    04 Jul 2022
    Outstanding customer service, great practice lock!

    If you are new to the hobby and don't want to buy a repinning kit, and a bunch of tools this is the way to go. I've had great fun with this lock!

  • Charles
    29 Jun 2022
    Great customer service

    Great product and customer service.