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Original Authentic Lishi KW1 2 in 1 Pick Tools

9 reviews

USD79.99 USD65.99

    *Picks Locks With Spool Pins
    *Revolutionary Design
    *Pick and Decode KW1 5 Pin Keyway Locks

    Solemn reminder
    All Lishi tools on this site are officially provided by Lishi.
    Support online query of authenticity, if found to be imitation products, unconditional return.
Lishi pick tools KW1 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder works with any 5 pin lock using a KW1 keyway even if it has spool pins. This is the first in a new series of residential and commercial picks and readers by Mr. Li.
Lishi pick tools
*Each product of Lishi tool has an anti-counterfeiting code. Please query the anti-counterfeiting code to determine that it is a genuine tool.
*Picks Locks With Spool Pins
*Revolutionary Design
*Pick and Decode KW1 5 Pin Keyway Locks


YOU'RE REVIEWING: Original Authentic Lishi KW1 2 in 1 Pick Tools


  • Justin
    29 Nov 2021
    the second time purchase

    Not used but the delivery and very fast and seems rather work, congratulations! 

  • Джепсен
    27 Nov 2021
    быстрая доставка

    Продавец молодца! Доставка очень быстрая.

  • Sunshine
    22 Nov 2021
    Good quality

    thank you, very good. fast. will recommend to friends. will order more.

  • Jonny
    22 Nov 2021
    The shipping is fast!

    This Lishi pick is exactly what I hoped it would be. I already opened and decoded a lock that I had no key for. I couldn’t be happier. I will be buying more of these Lishi picks in the future. Great price! Great delivery time!

  • Susan
    16 Nov 2021

    Seems nice, well packed.

  • Jack
    16 Nov 2021
    Nice Lock Pick

    I've ordered Lishi picks in the past and the price was right to add to my collection. Although the item was shipped on time, I understand the delay at the port added to the time to receive my order. 

  • Noah
    12 Nov 2021
    I like it so much!

    Works as advertised.

  • Michael
    10 Nov 2021
    Great tool

    So far I have tried this tool twice and it works fast. Thanks.

  • Angel
    29 Oct 2021
    Highly Recommend!

    Best device ever design to open cars!.