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“ They are a great company to buy from. Items are shipped quickly and are exactly as described. I will never buy these products from any other source. ”
Robert Verified Buyer
“ I would like to say that I really appreciate the great care in making sure my order is secure and packaged well and safe for shipping. They have every other company in this industry company's coul... ”
Chuck Verified Buyer
“ Dont think of this as a professional tool to help you become a master locksmith, this is more for the budding puzzle enthusiast who wants a challenge. Overword, its good for beginners! A good selectio... ”
Lewis Verified Buyer
“ Excellent item, highly recommend it~ ”
Ben Verified Buyer
“ I’m a new picker and they are working out great. Cannot imagine out growing them. I’m glad I chose them starting off thank you. ”
Robert Verified Buyer
“ It arrived faster than I thought ”
Alan Verified Buyer
“ I’m a new picker and they are working out great. Cannot imagine out growing them. I’m glad I chose them starting off thank you. ”
James Verified Buyer
“ These are great for getting into you locked car with the keys in the ignition! Although I feel there are those who would use these to break into cars! ”
Gene Verified Buyer
“ I found quite easy to use could do with an order lock to pick but a good practice kit for beginners. ”
Eason Verified Buyer
“ Nice set for beginners ”
Robert Verified Buyer
“ I have always had customers who are curious about lock workings. This is one of the better examples of showing lock components in a small compact way without the rest of the lock distraction. And oddl... ”
Braxton Verified Buyer
“ It is useful removing the broken key from the lock ”
Colin Verified Buyer
“ Awesome company and customer support. My order was lost by USPS (big surprise I know) and they sent out another order the next day and didnt charge anything for it or make me wait. Very much appreciat... ”
Gael Verified Buyer
“ completely satisfied and have to say that LockPickmall is true to what they advertise. There was what seemed an issue filling my order at first, so I emailed them and they promptly, within the hour, g... ”
Colin Verified Buyer
“ It is good for beginner that want to learn the basic knowledge of locks ”
David Verified Buyer
“ love this tool, it could be better if this tool could be arrive faster ”
Ezra Verified Buyer
“ I’m not a pro locksmith so I don’t need a really expensive kit. It’s a great set solid, sturdy and works well. I have a bucket of various padlocks and so far I have not failed to ope... ”
Jerry Verified Buyer
“ easily open my 2008 grand caravan ”
Robert Verified Buyer
“ Awesome item. People at the office love it. ”
Thor Verified Buyer
“ Fits easily in my wallet ”
Gene Verified Buyer
It is like having a spare key
“ Very simple to use I unlocked three doors for fun in under a minute. The Klom electric lock pick gun is a most important tool to add to any maintenance tool box! No more drilling locks open to ... ”
Alan Verified Buyer
“ Seems to be of good quality and only took 2 weeks for delivery to UK. ”
Braxton Verified Buyer
“ This good lock pick set includes the picks and lock I need, which are good for me to lock how to pick locks at home.  ”
Robert Verified Buyer
Decent set for beginners/training
“ I'm an apprentice but this is currently my 3rd (1st of these) and when it comes to learning to pick you need a durable and comfortable pickset and these are perfect for training and field work! ”
UpLink Verified Buyer
“ Very good quality. I had questions when they arrived and you responded promptly. ”
Gene Verified Buyer
“ They are a great company to buy from. Items are shipped quickly and are exactly as described. I will never buy these products from any other source. ”
Gael Verified Buyer
“ I thought I would have to struggle to make the tool work, or that it wouldn't even worked at all. I was amazed and amused when it unlock my lock before I could even realize it. ”
Colin Verified Buyer
“ The quality is very good, if the logistics is not a bit slow, I will give full marks ”
Robert Verified Buyer
“ Nice set for beginners ”
Mateo Verified Buyer
“ All of pick keys are made of good materials and I find the right pick key to unlock my car door lock easily. ”
Nick Verified Buyer
“ nice quality, i will give it 5 star as long as the shipping speed could be faster. ”
Braxton Verified Buyer
“ Nice set for beginners ”
Gina Verified Buyer
“ Love it!!! Ready practice. It is a full kit that will give hours of practice. Great price. Shipping took a while but that is worth it so let at 5 stars. Thank you! ”
Susan Verified Buyer
“ good quality, worth the price ”
Felix Verified Buyer
“ посылка дошла за три недели . крючки качественные. в работе не проверял пока. ”
Jack Verified Buyer
“ It's trickier than it looks but when it's working it's incredible, fairly simple and straight forward once you realize how it best works and such. ”
Silas Verified Buyer
“ First, I would like to say thank you for the expedited shipping. My set showed up pretty much within the time frame I expected. Overall, I am pleased with this set. ”
Thor Verified Buyer
“ The item was perfect wonderful condition absolutely what I was looking for and everything that I hoped it would be thank you ”
Lucy Verified Buyer
Colin Verified Buyer
“ Absolutely amazing ”
Alan Verified Buyer
“ Well made, worth the price ”
Colin Verified Buyer
“ A must have. Small, portable and extremely well made. Has all of the right size. Great value ”
Braxton Verified Buyer