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Good Tool
“ The picks are good, the handles are cheap plastic but the blades are good quality. The case is nice and sturdy. There is a good variety of pry bars and tension rods. The quality of the locks is good f... ”
LadyJ Verified Buyer
Pretty fun to play with. Sturdy tools enough
“ Great product, I bought this lock cylinder set which includes a large number of lock cylinders at a cheap price, the cylinders themselves are very strong and well made, in addition, the locks are well... ”
Richard Uttley Verified Buyer
Great Tools
“ I would recommend this kit to the whole family. The kit also comes with a booklet that tells you which pick to use and how to use it... I had a blast learning to pick all the locks with this kit... Th... ”
Tom Flash Verified Buyer
Great tool
“ Excellent tool tried and tested many times. This is a great product with solid build quality and really ergonomic. there are alot of different tools for different kinds of locks. Fantastic p... ”
Amazon Customer Verified Buyer
No keys - no problem
“ I recently got my hands on the Lock Pick Set, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! This incredible product comes with  lock picking tools and transparent training padlocks. The tools... ”
LadyJ Verified Buyer
Everything a beginner needs
“ This is a great combo for beginners. It has 4 training locks, a ton of lockpicking tools, and most importantly a few different tension wrenches - you usually only receive a few in this price range. It... ”
Yuriy Akopov Verified Buyer
Definitely worth buying
“ It was good quality, it came in a nice case with good quality practice locks and arrived early. I managed with some online tips and a little perseverance to get the hang of it and pick a few locks. Th... ”
Tabbasum Naz Verified Buyer
Pretty good to get started with
“ These are great tools to get started with. The first time I got my hands on one, it took less than 5 minutes to get the padlock working. I was worried it would look cheap and be plastic, but it's ... ”
LadyJ Verified Buyer
good value
“  Extremely good for beginners but I got it for the look of it im not new to lock sport but thought this looked great nd the work gone in to it well worth the money love it full working lock can c... ”
Josie Verified Buyer
Grate product
“ Great to pass the time away learning how to unlock the locks included. You will not be a master safe cracker with this kit. But it's great fun to mess about with. ”
Craig Verified Buyer
It works!
“ I was surprised by this product and thought it may be a gimmick when purchasing, delightfully shocked by the quality. Will open padlocks and pin tumbler locks in 30 seconds or less. Fun little case, t... ”
Dan Verified Buyer
Product is awesome
“ Sound quality is absolutely lovely. Great value for price ”
Jerry Aina Verified Buyer
Easy to pick
“ 2nd I have bought. 1st was from elsewhere and I broke it due to being ham fisted. This one requires a delicate touch and a great training aid. ”
Colin Alderson Verified Buyer
good piece of kit
“ really useful little pick set. sturdy little compact thing that can easily be carried on your key chain. ”
David Verified Buyer
Pretty good. Good value.
“  They work great, nuff said! ”
Yana Verified Buyer
Nice kit with a great selection of practice see-thru locks!
“  This is a fairly comprehensive beginner's set, but the sample locks supplied with this will challenge the professional as well, I suspect. I do have some previous experience at playing arou... ”
happytranny Verified Buyer
Corresponds to the description
“  Ask for a habit for good mastery ”
labuse Verified Buyer
“ Great quality, really worth the price~! ”
Anna Verified Buyer
Good fun
“ A really nice quality set that is ideal for gifting. Great difficulty and design and at a good price. Brilliant, Love it. ”
Martin Verified Buyer
Very good kit for the money
“  Nice kit to keep in my work bag and for practicing with. Nice materials made of sturdy metal and cut great. Works perfect. ”
Conor kavanagh Verified Buyer
“ A few low stars as the instructions are useless. But quality is good and there are plenty of YouTube videos to get you started. Definitely the best gift I ever bought for myself ”
Ben Boothman Verified Buyer
“ Very complete kit, opens a large number of locks! I recommend it! ”
Everaldo Verified Buyer
Nice quality set
“ The practice locks makes learning it easy ”
Erik van Balen Verified Buyer
“ suitable for people who want to upgrade their lock picking skills ”
Tina Verified Buyer
A great starting point
“  The set of picks are well made and useful, they have a good combination of different key blades to fit quite a broad range of locks. The practice locks although well made are super easy to pick.... ”
Cosmicfish Verified Buyer
“  I bought it for a gift and he loved it. He uses it as an entertainment game. ”
Ben Boothman Verified Buyer
Nice extension
“ Nice extension set to keep track of my skills. I was able to explain to my daughter how it works and what happens. She has now opened her own bike lock. Handy if we really lose the key later. ”
Bob Netherlands Verified Buyer
worth the price
“ Great quality and I will recommend to anyone who is interested in lock picking! ”
Ana Verified Buyer
As described item
“ Dose the job very well when you get used to it ”
Will Verified Buyer
Beautifuly made
“ Extremely good for beginners but I got it for the look of it im not new to lock sport but thought this looked great nd the work gone in to it well worth the money love it full working lock can change ... ”
lee johnson Verified Buyer
Good quality combs
“ Great value and speedy delivery ”
Steve Jarvis Verified Buyer
Great quality, hard stainless steel material. Good set of jiggle keys.
“ Sound quality is absolutely lovely. Great value for price ”
Felix Verified Buyer
“ Quick to learn when you know how a lock works. ”
Will Verified Buyer
Excellent Beginner Lockset :)
“ I started off with no lock picking experience but this kit gives you everything you need to start. High quality picks paired with an array of see through practice locks and a set off instructions make... ”
Shane Verified Buyer
Perfect replacement lock
“ I bought this as a direct replacement for a manual override lock on a small digital safe which had lost its keys. Very good build quality for the price. ”
Mike Verified Buyer
“ high quality, worth the price ”
Felix Verified Buyer
Opens window locks
“ Opens window locks when you lost your key. ”
Philip Mairs Verified Buyer
Exactly as describedReally only ha
“ Really only has one use, but if I try hard I am sure I can think of others. ”
Lindsay Taylor Verified Buyer
Kit for lockpicking enthusiasts.
“ Purchased as a birthday gift for a friend who had a particular interest in unlocking locks back in the day! So why not add in a bit of nostalgia with a gift like this. Seems like a really cool idea an... ”
cal Verified Buyer
Many picks
“ I love how this set comes with loads of different picks for lock I have learned how to pick with this set alone Very good for beginners ”
Luke Verified Buyer
Never dealt with lockpicking before
“ If you have found yourself like me, asked to open a cash box, you have probably resorted to finding a paper clip or bobby pin. Those methods work for a simple job like the above but I thought why n... ”
Adeel Iqbal S Verified Buyer
Great tool
“ Great tool need little practice but as soon u get used to it take seconds to decode ”
Slav Verified Buyer
Does the job it meant to do.
“ good valued product, slightly tricky to use at first but good quality ”
Bailey Verified Buyer
All good
“ Work perfectly ”
Dan Verified Buyer
“ really worth the price, highly recommended! ”
Felix Verified Buyer
Comes with more than advertised!
“ Overall a great starter set. Would recommend ”
Samantha P. Verified Buyer
Nice set for a lock picking adventure
“ I recently purchased this lock picking kit for my aspiring junior detective, and it's been an unexpected delight! Here's the lowdown on why it's a game-changer:   Pros: ... ”
Molly Verified Buyer
Nice item
“ Got to say after a little practice it works well, surprising how easy it opens locks infact, easy than spp a lock. Good addition for anyone interested in this art. ”
wayne Verified Buyer