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32 Pieces Lock Pick Tools Set with 7 Pieces Transparent Practice Lock

6 reviews

$ 56.99

    32 Pieces High Quality Stainless Steel Pick: Those picks are made of advanced and smooth stainless steel which is durable enough to open the locks, each combine with synthetic Non-slip handle for a comfortable feeling when holding.
    Transparent Practice Locks Set: 7 pieces transparent locks let you see precise lock core how to operate below the use of key and unlock tool, faster and better grasp the operation principle of lock. Both novice and professional locksmiths will be happy to use it.
    Great Entertainment and Learning Tools: Lock Picking is more than just a funny hobby, it's also a valuable skill to get yourself back in the house if things go wrong. A good educational tool for your kids to develop intelligence as well.

32 Pieces Lock Pick Set with Tension Wrenches
32 pieces lock pick tools set includes all the tools you need to become a professional locksmith, 32 pieces lock pick tools, 5 additional tension tools. You can apply to switch padlocks, door locks, filing cabinets, gear sheds, bike locks, even some cars with this lock pick set.

The handle of the lock picking tool is upgraded to anti-slip silica gel for comfortable grip. The lock unlocking part is made of high quality, smooth stainless steel and will not scratch your fingers. Transparent padlock adopts high purity plastic, no impurity and particle sense. Precision lock core, hundreds of thousands of times to pry without loosening off, to meet your endless practice lock needs.
Package Included:
32 Pieces Lock Pick Tools Set with 5 Pieces Tension Wrenches
7 Pieces Transparent Practice Lock

Transparent Practice Locks Set
Including 7 pieces well-crafted practice lock, 2 Cylinder locks, 2 Padlocks and 3 double cylinder locks help you see clearly how the mechanism works, faster and better grasping the operation of the lock Law, great for beginners and locksmith training! You don't need to look at the construction when you learn how to unlock!

This lock picking training tool contains 4 clear practice locks of different difficulty levels. You can clearly see how the lock cylinder works under the operation of the key and locking tools. When you practice to a certain level, you can challenge the higher difficulty, wearing a black lock cover for blind training. You can't see the lock cylinder, but only by feeling and hearing the sound to unlock the lock, increasing the fun and difficulty.

YOU'RE REVIEWING: 32 Pieces Lock Pick Tools Set with 7 Pieces Transparent Practice Lock


  • Luc Pelletier
    02 Jul 2024
    Good deal

    Not expensive and perfect for a hobbyist like me!

  • Z
    01 Jul 2024
    Ordered and recieved

    Product ordered is as stated.

  • TColpetzer
    09 Jun 2024

    I bought this out of pure curiosity. I'm not even sure what it does exactly but I'm sure I'll find a use somewhere.

  • Onyony
    21 Dec 2023
    Highly recommend!

    I recently got my hands on this Lock Pick Set, and I could not be happier with my purchase! This incredible product comes with top-notch lock picking tools and seven transparent training padlocks. The tools are of excellent quality, and the included guide has been a lifesaver for someone like me who is just starting out. I wholeheartedly recommend it. It has been a game-changer for me!

  • cris
    21 Aug 2023

    It’s good quality for the price

  • Ben Robinson
    24 Jul 2023
    Tools are OK

    Really good fun. Managed to pick my gate padlock and a new one bought from B&Q. I'm scared to try my house locks incase they pick easily !!!