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9 Pieces Transparent Practice Lock Set for Beginners and Pro Locksmiths

1 reviews

$ 46.99

    Transparent Practice Lock Set: The lock set is very useful for observing and testing out the various lock-picking tools. Everyone can learn how to pick locks regardless of age or experience level, it comes 9 pieces transparent locks with case to protect it, good to try it.
    Multipurpose: With no loose parts or pins, it turns out to be in a smooth perfect working condition and coupled with the fact that it doesn't only serve the educational purpose, but also can be used to get a simple padlocking to your doors, windows, drawers, cabinets and more.
    Transparent Visible Cutaway: Visible crystal cutaway lock body allows you to see how the lock works on moving parts, you can see clearly how the pins work when a key is inserted, it helps you know the mechanism of the locks, very useful for Locksmiths to train lock-picking skill.
    Good Gift: Really neat gift idea and if you just want to learn the basics of lock picking on your own.
9 Pieces Transparent Practice Lock Set for Beginners and Pro Locksmiths

Outer Covering Material: Acrylic
Lock Core Material: Copper
Key Material: Copper

Best practice locks training skill for locksmiths. It will be a great gift for hobbyists and beginners.
Excellent teaching & training tool, Great way to learn lock picking.
It will come out in perfect smooth working condition with no loose parts or pins.
Lock with open chambers on all the moving parts that allow you to see how it work.
Package included:
Padlock with Keys
Blade Padlock with Keys
Tubular Lock with Keys
2 Bull Head Locks with Keys
4 Double-Ends Cylinder Locks with Keys


YOU'RE REVIEWING: 9 Pieces Transparent Practice Lock Set for Beginners and Pro Locksmiths


  • Josie
    30 Mar 2024
    good value

     Extremely good for beginners but I got it for the look of it im not new to lock sport but thought this looked great nd the work gone in to it well worth the money love it full working lock can change pins when ready songood to see how locks work a newbie?? Get 1 u will not be disappointed