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Broken Key Extractor Fix jammed locks and keyholes

2 reviews

$ 9.99

    This is a tool that helps remove a broken piece of a key left inside a lock. To free a piece, these extractor tools come in different shapes and sizes. The most common forms are the hook and harpoon types. The reason why these tools have different types is because there are many lock configurations to consider.
How Do You Use a Broken Key Extractor?
How do you get a broken key out of a lock? Most key extractors follow these basic steps:
The best way to get a broken key out a lock is to carefully prepare both your key extractor tool set and the lock itself. Search and check for any defects on your chosen tool and locks before attempting to retrieve any broken parts.
Apply some spray lubricant on the lock.
After applying the lubricant, align the lock in either its locked or unlocked position. Broken parts found in locks can only be retrieved in these positions.
Use the broken handle of the key as a guide on where to search for the missing part.
Select an extractor in your set once you have a good gauge of where the missing piece is lodged. Generally, the small hook type is the most common tool to use to search for nudges to hook a missing piece out.
Now, here's how to get a broken key out of a lock. Once you have chosen your extractor tool, slide it into the lock. The hook or the sharp end of the extractor should be facing up for it to easily hook onto the teeth of the broken key.
Once you've hooked the extractor onto the teeth of the broken key, carefully twist and pull the tool out. If you are using a spiral type of extractor, spin the tool instead of twisting.
If needed, use a pair of thin pliers to grip the broken key part as you try to pull it out.

Make sure you have all bases covered by adding this kit to your set of universal, always-useful tools. This broken key extractor set contains everything you need to remove broken keys and lock picks from jammed locks - even if you're a beginner. Free yourself from the hassle of contacting a locksmith to get broken keys out of locks - these are the tools you need!


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  • James
    01 Apr 2022
    high quality product

    Came in good shape, everything all right and as advertised.

  • WJ
    12 Mar 2022
    nice set

    Makes quick work of many locks once you learn how to use it. Well worth the investment.