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Car Lock Pick Master Key for Auto Door Open

60 reviews

$ 8.99

    *Tempered 301 stainless steel construction
    *Car lock pick tool used by many locksmiths
    *Domestic and foreign makes
    *Comes on a keyring
    *Unlocks late-model and older vehicles alike
*Tempered 301 stainless steel construction
*Same tool used by many locksmiths
*Domestic and foreign makes
*Comes on a keyring
*Unlocks late-model and older vehicles alike
You'll make friends fast when you rescue them from dreaded "locked keys in car" situations! These auto lock pick are made of tempered 301 stainless steel and come on a keyring. They will unlock late-model and older vehicles alike - both domestic and foreign.


YOU'RE REVIEWING: Car Lock Pick Master Key for Auto Door Open


  • Matt
    26 Jul 2023
    Worked quickly on 90s Fiat

    I have an old Fiat (1990s) that the previous owner had lost the keys for. The third one of these keys I tried turned the ignition to position 1 and that allowed me to remove the ignition barrel and I can now get a key ordered from the code on it. Saved me £40 and considerable work to get a new lock set and replace it.

  • Chuck
    24 May 2023

    I would like to say that I really appreciate the great care in making sure my order is secure and packaged well and safe for shipping. They have every other company in this industry company's could learn how to treat a costumer they have fulfilled my orders and insured that each item was in perfect condition before they ship it and they keep in touch even after the order has arrived. They will continue to get my service and I don't mind letting people know that this is the number 1 place to buy all your lockpicking tools.

  • Ben
    19 May 2023

    Excellent item, highly recommend it~

  • Gene
    28 Apr 2023

    These are great for getting into you locked car with the keys in the ignition! Although I feel there are those who would use these to break into cars!

  • Robert
    28 Mar 2023

    easily open my 2008 grand caravan

  • Karen Gamrath
    11 Oct 2022

    Not Bad

  • Amir
    16 Sep 2022

    Love this set. Thanks!

  • Arleen W
    09 Sep 2022
    it is a birthday gift

    Because I purchased this as a birthday gift, I can't comment on the product itself. I'll let you know when the giftee tells me about the product. The service, however, is outstanding, and the personnel at the company have been very responsive and accommodating to this point.

  • Dawson
    02 Sep 2022

    I bought this set because it was suggested in a video I watched. And I am satisfied with it!

  • Abbas
    26 Aug 2022

    a wonderful master key