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Hot Sale 8 Piece Beginner Lock Pick Set

8 reviews

$ 15.99

    Lock Pick Set Comes with a Z-wrench!
    *Long hook
    *Half diamond
    *S rake
    *Wide hook
    *Broken Key Extractor
    *Dimple rake
    *Z Wrench
Lock Pick Set Comes with a Z-wrench!
*Long hook
*Half diamond
*S rake
*Wide hook
*Broken Key Extractor
*Dimple rake
*Z Wrench

If you want to give lock picking a go, but don't want to break it, you're looking for a set with a variety of picks and a decent wrench. No complicated specialist tool you won't use, just what you need to get picking immediately. Comfortable, well-weighted and straight to the point.

YOU'RE REVIEWING: Hot Sale 8 Piece Beginner Lock Pick Set


  • Antonio F.
    20 Jun 2021
    great beginner kit

    one pick snapped in a week, under light use

  • Joshua L.
    18 May 2021

    Yeah I think the merchandise and the quality is good also and I don't have to worry about if my order not getting to me on time because y'all are always on time I will be buying more from y'all web site in the future to come thank you for a job well done

  • Ed D.
    28 Oct 2020
    Very Nice Pick Set for Beginners

    This is a very nice pick set for the beginner locksmith. The picks have heavy duty stainless steel handles. Make sure you buy a case though because this set doesn't come with one. I recommend the Dangerfield Premium Zip-around Lock Pick Case.

  • Justin D.
    01 Oct 2020
    Very timely

    Product was shipped on time and was as advertised only included a leather case that wasn't even included thanks!

  • John L.
    28 May 2020
    what i think

    I,m just learning and would love to open locks

  • Jared H.
    04 Feb 2020
    Great beginner set

    They came quickly and are made of higher quality steel than I thought it would be. The picks are a little thicker than I was expecting. But would definitely order again.rn

  • Adam C.
    14 Jul 2019
    Beginner lock pick set

    I'm brand new to lock picking and this set worked great. It's very easy to use which is a big confidence builder. The only thing that could make this set any better would be a brief description of each tool in the set and what it's used for, a set of instructions for use. Other than that it is top notch.

  • Phillip S.
    16 May 2019
    Exceeded expectations

    Terrific service and quality product from what I have seen. I will purchase more as my skills increase. Customer service from Gayle and Chris was exceptional. Thank you.