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Lock Pick Set for Beginners Box - Lock Picks|Spy Card|Training Locks

488 reviews

$ 24.99

    This colorful set is designed for learners of all levels, and comes complete with:
    *A full 15 piece Lock Pick Set with high quality stainless steel picks with comfortable handles, tension tools, and an extractor
    *A Secret Agent / Spy Concealed wallet-sized Credit Card Pick Set
    *A second double-sided, clear cutaway practice training lock +keys
    *A fully-working, easy clear practice padlock with a see-through mechanism with keys - ideal for learning how the moving parts work

Our customers who buy this enjoy DIY, puzzles, practical problems, mechanics or want to improve hand-eye-coordination or mobility, or just want to see what lock picking or locksmithing is like!

An especially great practical gift for guys or girls of all ages. All this quality, brain teasing and learning is incredible value in just one box!

Once you've had a chance to test out the Lock Pick Set - you can browse through other great training locks to pick on our site too!

One of the bundled options allows you to add our exclusive easy-to-read, illustrated paperback version of the how-to guide.

We have thousands of happy customers who have enjoyed receiving this as a gift. You'd be surprised at how many people don't know how a lock works - and there's likely one in every room you've ever been in!

The ultimate Practical Brain Training lock pick set in a box. This is the perfect practical experience and gift rolled into one, all ready to be unboxed by any inquisitive adventurers of all ages, young or old!
Learning how to pick a lock, want fun locks to pick, getting into locksport, locksmith school, unique corporate gift or you enjoy practical intellectual challenges? Great, you are in the right place!

Every one of our sets comes with everything you need to be a professional locksmith ;) Forgotten your keys? Now you can learn to pop open bicycle locks, house, apartment and room doors, padlocks, filing cabinets and drawer locks and much more!
This lockpick set has provided hours of great entertainment to many of our customers and is a fantastic educational tool that teaches patience, thinking out of the box, methodological thinking and visualization.
We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you're not happy. You’ll love it. Say yes to free shipping and a box of fun by ordering today!

If you want something else special to go with this, why not also add an upgraded challenge level Medium Difficulty Practice Padlock?
Learn a new cool skill and keep your hands and mind busy for a few hours - all my friends have also picked up my padlocks and tried to have a go themselves. Some even keep a set on their desk at work to relieve stress! There's something very zen and calming about focussing on work with your hands.
This complete, weighty, professionally boxed package is a comprehensive set of great specialist learning tools. You'll receive your cheerful package well wrapped and protected to be shipped - our other customers tell us that they've thoroughly enjoyed the unboxing and lockpick learning experience.
Even better yet, this weighty, stylish, boxed set stuffed full of entertainment is shipped to you free! Better order it quick before we change our minds!
Order this lock pick set today and you'll join our hordes of happy customers - you won't be disappointed.

Please do note that shipping is insured and takes 7-14 business days worldwide. However, you may receive your items earlier. Tracking Numbers will ALWAYS be sent so you can track them every step of the way! Cool things are worth waiting for! 

YOU'RE REVIEWING: Lock Pick Set for Beginners Box - Lock Picks|Spy Card|Training Locks


  • Colin
    17 Jan 2023

    Well made, worth the price

  • Jenny
    15 Nov 2022

    really good tools for beginners

  • Bryson
    13 Jul 2022

    They remain the best. Would not change for anything.

  • Charles S.
    30 Aug 2021
    Surprisingly Easier Than Expected

    Upon receiving the kit I immediately went into practice mode. I surprised by several things:rn1. Quality of the productrn2. How simple it was to get started with the kitrn3. How quickly I was able to get all three locks openrn4. How accurate the instructions on the technique werernrnAlthough all the above is true, it still takes some time to get use to it and master it. Having never tried it before, I was shocked that I got the first lock open in under 5 seconds. The second in under 10. And the third took less than 30 seconds. Since then I've steadily gotten faster at picking all 3 locks. Never the less, its a fun way to pass the time keeping your hands and mind occupied and eliminating boredome and stress. rnrnCertainly recommend it to anyone who would enjoy learning a new skill, puzzles or just doing things with their hands.

  • Daniel C.
    29 Aug 2021
    Great Starter Set

    Really happy with these as a first set of picks and practice locks.

  • Timothy C.
    27 Aug 2021
    Pick Beginners Box

    Very good to learn the theory and practice in opening simple locks

  • MargaritaBeres
    25 Aug 2021
    Great gift!

    We got this for my son as a gift. He’s a college student and has been watching the Lock Picking Lawyer on You Tube. He has really enjoyed using this gift. He’s opened many additional locks we had laying around the house! Fun and challenging gift.

  • Thom S.
    18 Aug 2021
    Easy lock picking!

    If you read the directions, and pay attention to the guide, you will be picking these locks in no time. I have to go buy some others to practice on now. Thanks lpw!

  • Trevor M.
    18 Aug 2021
    Great learning kit

    This is a great kit! Very well packaged. Fun and interesting learning experience and opportunity. The clear locks make it easy to see what your doing, and keys in case you mess it up. Really like the kit and all the tools you get with it.

  • Ricki G.
    12 Aug 2021
    Great gift

    My husband loves this set! It comes with everything to learn how to pick.