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Awesome Materials for Homemade Lock Picks

2023-01-10 08:54

So you want to make your own lock, but don't know where to start when choosing materials for these epic homemade creations. There are many things to consider when choosing materials and items for these DIY lock pickers, such as the quality of the material, how effective the material will be as a lock picker, how much it will cost, and even how much work it will take to shape that material into a usable pick! Let's get started and introduce the best homemade lockpicking materials!
1. Manufacturer leftovers
Manufacturing products always produces scrap or waste, and most of the time this extra material cannot be used efficiently and is usually recycled or discarded. However, some manufacturers have opted for the third option of selling this waste. The beauty of this leftover material from the pick manufacturer is that you will get steel specifically designed to be used as a lock pick - it was made for that purpose, and only that purpose! This also means that you can obtain these materials in a thickness suitable for picking - usually between 0.015" and 0.030".
2. Tape gauge
A gap gauge is an extremely thin steel bar, usually used by engineers to measure or calibrate the gap between two objects. You can find a feeler ruler anywhere -- from your local hardware store to the depths of the Internet. Is cheap and easy to buy ordinary goods!
3. Flat drain poles
You can thank the high carb/low fiber diet for the plentiful supply of this awesome and fairly cheap source of steel! Flat sewer poles are essentially very long pipe snakes used to clear sewer pipe blockages and are usually about 40-50 feet long - that's a lot to choose from! It's made of high-carbon spring steel, so it can bend without breaking down the drain, making it the perfect lockpicking material!
4. Bra thread
For all the men out there who want to spend more money on a lock pick but your wife won't let you - this is the hole you've been waiting for in your entire marriage. It is quality spring steel that can give you some good options, and in most cases it already lifts more weight than when choosing a lock! Grab any bra and you may have access to an endless supply of quality lockpicking materials! However, some men are lucky to have more supplies than others.
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