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How to open a locked door with a keyhole using a Plastic Card

2022-04-25 08:56

Want to know how to open a door with a hole in it? Most private locks are button locks. This type of lock does not have a keyhole, but has a small hole. Fortunately, it's easier to unlock than the deadbolt and other front locks. It is specifically designed to ensure privacy. You can find this on your bedroom or bathroom door. There are many ways to open a locked door with a hole. This tutorial will show you how to use plastic cards.
You must use cards that you don't mind breaking, such as gift cards or membership cards. It must also be strong enough not to bend or break easily when you try to unlock the door. If you don't have a plastic card, you can also choose to use a knife. The best knife to use is a butter knife. Avoid knives with sharp edges, as they are usually thin and snap easily when applied.
Step 1: Hold the door handle
If you don't have anything to pick the lock, you can also use the card to unlock the door. First, you must hold the door handle with your non-dominant hand. If you are right-handed, hold the door handle with your left hand. This is necessary because you have to push the door when trying to hit the lock's impact plate.
Step 2: Lean against the door and insert the card vertically
To make the gap between the door and the frame as wide as possible, lean against the door. After positioning the body, insert the card vertically into the door. To contact the impact plate, slide the card by bending it. Give the door handle a little push.
Step 3: Move the card up and down until the door opens
Move the card up and down while applying the appropriate force. If you cannot open the door, pull and push the door handle as you shake the card. This is useful for reducing friction and pressure from the latch. Once the lock is retracted, the door opens automatically.
Have you learned how to open a door with holes? You have many options to unlock your privacy lock. Other than that, everything you need is easy to find at home. You don't need to spend money on complicated lockpicking tools.
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