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How to pick a door lock with a pencil

2022-09-20 08:48

How do you pick a lock with a pen? Can you unlock a door with a pencil? How do you lock a door with a pencil? Here are three questions that users searching on google, today you can find solution here!
How to Pick a Lock with a Pencil?
Step 1: Grab Your Keys and a Pencil.
Grab your supplies:
Sharpened pencil
Step 2: Rub Your Pencil's Graphite (black Tip) Onto Key.
Rub a sharpened pencil's graphite onto your key to lubricate it. Fun fact: A pencil's graphite (or the tip of a pencil) is a natural lubricant.
Step 3: Stick Your Key Into Your Tricky Lock and See If It Opens!
Take your key (now lubricated with graphite) and gently fiddle with the lock. Tip: If your lock is still stuck, try rubbing more graphite on your key.
Why Learn Lock Picking?
Why would you want to learn to pick locks? Picking locks is fun and challenging at the same time. Sometimes this skill is useful if you lock yourself out of the house without your front door key.
People all over the world are interested in this craft and work on it as a hobby. With the many lock-picking tutorials online, you can learn how to pick a lock without having to pay any money. If you’re skilled enough, you might not have to hire a locksmith to work on your doors.
Is It Legal to Pick Locks?
It is a popular question: whether picking a lock is legal for anyone to perform. As far as we are concerned, you can own a lock pick set legally in most US states. However, you should only pick your own locks. Don’t tamper with other people’s properties.
What Can a Pencil Do for Locks?
When a lock needs some sort of lubrication to work smoothly, professional locksmiths tend to choose powdered graphite. However, you may use a pencil as a cheaper substitute for graphite. Note that it is best used on clean locks without dust and moisture.
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