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How to Pick a Lock with a Credit Card

2024-04-01 10:51


In movies, we often see masters using a credit card to swing and push and pull with ease and the door opens. What is the principle of all these? In real life, can we also use a credit card to unlock the door? If you have lost your keys and don't have the tools to unlock the door, you can try to unlock the door with a credit card in your bag.
How Can We Tell If We Can Pick a Lock With a Credit Card?

Check Deadbolt
If there is a latch, it can only be opened with a key or lock picking, which is typically just as easy.
Make Sure the Slant of The Latch is Facing You
You can determine this by looking at the door. If the hinges are on the other side of the door, the slant of the latch faces you. If the hinge is located on your side, you should remove the hinge before you can open the door with a credit card.
There Are No Other Obstacles
This is the most important point, unlocking a door with a credit card makes it necessary to slide between the cracks in the door, and if something prevents you from sliding into the lock, you cannot use your credit card to unlock the door.
Pick a Card You Want To Use
Pick a credit card from your wallet that you don't use very much. Pick a credit card from your wallet that you don't use much. Pick a card that is flexible and sturdy enough to withstand a lot of swinging and bending. Examples include gift cards, loyalty cards, insurance cards, etc. If none of these are available, you can opt to have one made out of thick plastic, which is no less effective than a credit card.
Insert the Card Between The Door and The Door Frame
Not all locks can be opened with a credit card. They are only available for those doors with a tilt latch that faces you to make it easier to press it with a card. Slide the card into the vertical crack between the door and the frame. Make sure the card is inserted at a ninety-degree angle to the door. Slide the card and push it as far into the door as possible at a ninety-degree angle. Next, the card needs to be tilted toward the knob.
Bend and Swing The Card Toward The door Handle
Apply pressure to the door with your strength, then swing and bend the card. The card will slide to the bottom of the doorknob, causing it to compress the latch, and forcing the latch back into the door lock.
Compress the latch, push the door hard while moving the card up and down, and then open the door quickly. If the door still doesn’t open, lean against the door and bend the card back and forth, your card just applies pressure in the right place and the door will sound open. So, if you use the right method, opening the door is just a matter of time.
Is Lockpicking Legal?
The laws are different in every country and generally speaking, it's okay as long as you open the lock without criminal intent. So when buying a lock picking set, you need to check your local laws.
Aside from using your credit card for unlocking, you can also put different kinds of unlocking sets inside your wallet. These Lock Picking Sets are more convenient and also save you time.