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How to Pick the Pin Tumbler Locks with Lock Pick Set

2024-01-23 08:54

When it comes to pin tumbler locks, individuals often encounter them as the most prevalent type securing the doors of homes. Some may be curious to learn how to pick a pin tumbler lock, especially when faced with issues like losing keys or getting locked out of rooms. This guide provides insights into the process of picking a pin tumbler lock using lock pick sets.
To grasp the technique of picking a pin tumbler lock, it's essential to first understand the fundamental mechanism of these locks. The design of the basic pin tumbler lock has stood the test of time.
Pin tumbler locks consist of an outer cylindrical casing that houses a plug. Notably, there is a small gap between the outer casing and the plug known as the shear line, a crucial concept to keep in mind throughout the process. The plug features an opening for the key, allowing the rotation of the plug to unlock the lock. On the top of the plug, there are five or six holes drilled, each containing key pins of various lengths. These pins, touching the key during insertion, have corresponding spring-loaded driver pins on top.
In a scenario where there is no key inserted, the varied lengths of key pins allow the driver pins to cross the shear line, enabling the rotation of the plug. However, inserting an incorrect key reveals that the notches on the key cannot lift the key pin to the correct height, causing them to protrude through the shear line in the plug.
To initiate the rotation of the plug, one must lift each key pin and driver pin to the correct height, aligning the gap between them with the shear line. Once all pins are in the right position, the plug can be rotated – the ideal situation when using the correct key for the pin tumbler lock.
When it comes to picking a lock, specialized tools like lock pick sets become essential. Aligning the gap between the key pins and driver pins with the shear line requires the right lock pick sets.
Various tools can be employed for lock picking, with tension wrenches and pick rakes being common choices. A portable credit card lock pick set, for instance, offers versatility with five different picks made of quality stainless steel. This set includes a tension wrench and several rakes with varying numbers of ridges, allowing for the simultaneous picking of multiple pins. Alternatively, you can opt for a pick designed for single-pin picking.
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