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How to unlock the door without a key

2022-05-10 08:39

1. Peep Hole unlock method. Pry open the "peep hole" on the security door, use a tool such as a "three-section stick" to extend into the room through the "cat's eye", and press the built-in handle or lock of the security door from outside to open the door.
2. Hit the lock cylinder. Find first - insert the key into the anti-theft lock cylinder, tap the key with a hammer at the end of the key, and twist the key while hitting, and the lock cylinder will be opened soon.
3. Insert the lock tongue. Use a discarded rectangular plastic card (any bank card membership card will work). First insert this card into the gap between the security door and the door frame, and then slide it down to the position of the lock tongue.
4, chewing gum unlock. Put the chewing gum into the keyhole, and then push the softened gum into the keyhole. After the lock cylinder marble is "squeezed" by the chewing gum, insert the tool into the lock cylinder to open the lock.
What should I do if the door is locked and cannot be opened?
1. Find a sharp and thin knife. The sharper the tip, the better. First, hold the i ] from the outside of the door, and call the retractable part in the middle also called the lock shaft. The lock groove is in contact to reduce friction. At the gap where the sharp knife is inserted into the lock groove, hold the lock shaft and apply force in the free direction of the lock shaft. Maybe it cannot be opened once or twice. opened.
2. Generally, the door lock cannot be opened due to external force, perhaps because the lock tongue inside is unhooked, or the lock tongue is distorted in shape, and the screw fixing the lock tongue falls off, thus causing the door to be stuck, and the door will be blocked. In this case, the best emergency treatment is to find the deadbolt, and pull back the fallen screw from the door crack. This method is only limited to the door lock due to foreign objects. not open.
3. If you still can't open the door after trying it yourself, it is best to ask a professional unlocking company to unlock it. Like this kind of unlocking company, there are specialized craftsmanship and unlocking technology;
4. If there are children in the house who are locked in the room, it is best to call the fire department for help to avoid accidents.
Second, what are the precautions for changing the lock of the anti-theft door
1. After the security door is unlocked. If you need to replace the lock cylinder of the anti-theft door, you need to consider the size of the lock cylinder of the anti-theft door. After measuring the size of the lock cylinder, you can buy a lock cylinder of the same size to dream. If the size of the lock cylinder you buy is not suitable, it will cause The newly purchased lock cylinder cannot be installed.
2. If you are looking for a locksmith to open the anti-theft door lock, considering safety issues and avoiding the situation of others hiding it, you must be more careful when unlocking, and you can contact several unlocking companies to ask about the time of unlocking and costs, and then choose a lock-picking company with a relatively fast time.
3. When using the anti-theft door lock, everyone should develop the habit of closing the door without violence, because the door lock cannot be opened easily after the violent closing, so as to prolong the service life of the anti-theft lock. Or, you can Buy Lock Picks Set at in order to help you out of trouble!