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Picking Car Locks: How do I find the right Car lock pick set

2023-01-17 11:14

If you want to start picking car locks, you need to have the right tools. Car locks are almost as diverse as the types of car locks available. There's a lot to think about. Before getting the right tools for the job, you need to know a little about car locks and what you're going to pick out.
What are you picking?
Because a car lock is more of a lock than a locking mechanism, you should know what you want to focus on when you choose your automatic lock. If you want to be able to choose every type of car lock, you're considering investing in a number of different tools. Each lock and tool set requires a different type of practice and knowledge. To learn about the different types of car locks and where to find them, check out the following:
Wafer lock
Wafer locks are primarily double wafers that require an internal mechanism to press down or raise. A car key with bite marks on both sides of the blade is likely to have a double lock. This is one of the most popular types of car door locks. This is the lock cartridge of choice for mid-priced models from almost all manufacturers. On some classic cars, this type of lock only snaps on one side, and it may look like a standard marble key.
Slider lock
You may see sliding keys on cars that use keyless entry chains but still have the lock core. The rectangular outline of the key makes it ideal for sliding into a prefabricated cut in a remote or remote key. The bite is usually snake-like or vermicular, with incisions located on either side of the key piece. To make these keys easier to hide, they are more likely to be found in luxury or slightly higher-end models from a variety of manufacturers. If the car has a lock, many new cars will use it.
Disc retainer lock
It's a bit rare to see disk brake locks on cars. Ford used them for a while, but they were more popular with car manufacturer Jaguar. Cars that use disc brakes have a different key profile than most padlocks or door lock disc brakes. Instead of cutting along (or even along most of) the blade, the car places the disc moving part of the key at the very end of the rod.
Pin lock
Every once in a while, you'll find a car with a basic cartridge lock. This applies almost exclusively to very old classic cars. These keys often look like single wafer car lock keys. They also choose locks that are similar to single wafers. It is difficult to find car locks that use the system because large-scale manufacturing efforts shifted to wafer systems very early in the history of automotive assembly.
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