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Types of Lockpick Guns, and Are Lockpick Guns Better than Lockpicks

2021-11-09 08:58

Types of Lockpick Guns

There are two main types of lockpick guns: manual and electric. The only difference is that a manual unlocking gun requires you to pull the trigger every time you want to "fire". The electric unlocking gun is similar to a fully automatic machine gun. All you have to do is press and hold a button, and the unlocking gun will fire over and over again.
The advantage of this is that it almost always requires multiple triggers to open the lock with the unlocking gun. I only succeeded in opening the lock a few times during the first squeeze. In most cases, I need to squeeze more than 12 times to open the lock, and it’s not uncommon for me to take more time.
This is where the electric lock opener shines. If you need to spend a lot of time to adjust the proper tension and angle of the unlocking gun to open the lock, then compared with the manual squeeze 30 rounds, the electric squeeze 100 rounds can improve your efficiency. The same time period.
Think of it a bit like using a nail gun. I can hit the nail with a hammer, or I can shoot it in with a nail gun. One is more effective (and more expensive) than the other. The same applies to lockpick guns.
Are Lockpick Guns Better than Lockpicks?
I think the answer to this question really depends on who you ask. Personally, I prefer to use a lock opener rather than a lock opener gun. That being said, every time I go out and receive a stoppage call, I always carry it with me. There are some locks that respond better to one tool rather than another, and I like the options available in the field.
Lockpick Guns are inherently a bulky option and don’t fit well in your pockets. I also feel that I also have more control over personal choices. I will point out that although this is not a quick solution that Hollywood will convince you. If you think you will get into each lock by pulling the trigger three times quickly, you are misled. This will not happen. Every lock is different, and the use of an unlocking gun involves a technique. There is also a bit of luck into the pot. Let's take a look at the technical knowledge we need to understand next.
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