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What are the Different Types of Lock Picks

2023-01-04 08:54

Now that you have a Beginner Lock Pick Set, you want to know what the different types of locks are called. Here is a brief overview of some of the most common lockpicking tools on the market and their uses.
Hook pick
Hook picks (also called "lifters") can be distinguished by their hook shaped tips and are commonly used for single needle picking. You may find that a hook tool allows you to feel and manipulate individual pins more easily than other types of lockpicking tools.
Gonzo Hook: Named after Gonzo from the Muppets. You can probably guess why.
Gem Hook: The gem hook looks like a gonzo hook with the tip cut off.
You can find picks of this style in a variety of lengths and shapes. These include the short hook, the long hook, the gem hook and the anecdote hook. You'll see that they have flat and rounded tips.
Diamond pick
You will be able to identify the diamond pick by the triangle on the tip. While full-drill picks exist, half-drill picks are more common. Like hook picks, half diamond picks (especially smaller ones) tend to be used for single needle picking.
Ball pick
Distinguished by their rounded or semicircular tips, ball picks have many names: Yeti, aka double ball picks: Think of a double ball snowman with a small head and a large body.
Harrow pick
Harrow picks are used to open locks by sliding the pick over the pins to try to set all the pins, rather than picking up individual pins individually. Rake picks was originally designed with the common key-bite pattern in mind.
Key extractor
At first glance, the key extractor looks like half a diamond pick. But they can be distinguished by the hook shape of the tip. A key extractor is used to retrieve damaged keys from a lock. It is recommended that you include at least one in your travel lock kit.
Which lock is best?
Ultimately, one person's favorite type of choice is another person's frustration. For example, some of us here like snowmen picked with a single needle, while most of the community doesn't like that. The best lock for you really depends on the size and type of lock you open as well as personal preference.