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What are the types of lock-picks and what are they used for

2024-03-26 10:37

Lock picking is an ancient art that has evolved alongside the development of locks themselves. While often associated with illicit activities, lock picking is also a valuable skill for locksmiths, security professionals, and hobbyists. Central to the practice of lock picking are the various types of lock picks, each designed for specific purposes and lock mechanisms. In this article, we will delve into the different types of lock picks and where they are best used.
1. Hook Picks
Hook picks are perhaps the most versatile and widely used type of lock pick. They come in various shapes and sizes, including short hooks, medium hooks, and deep hooks. These picks are ideal for single pin picking, where each pin in the lock is manipulated individually until the lock opens. Hook picks are effective on most pin tumbler locks, making them essential tools for locksmiths and enthusiasts alike.
2. Rake Picks
Rake picks, also known as "bogota" or "snake" picks, are designed for rapid entry rather than precision. They feature a serrated edge that allows them to quickly manipulate multiple pins at once when inserted into the lock and jiggled or "raked" back and forth. While not as precise as hook picks, rake picks are highly effective for opening simple pin tumbler locks and are favored by locksmiths for their speed.
3. Diamond Picks
Diamond picks are characterized by their diamond-shaped tips, which are versatile for both picking individual pins and raking. The pointed tip of the diamond pick allows for precise manipulation of pins, making it useful for locks with tight keyways or security pins. Diamond picks are a staple in any locksmith's toolkit and are particularly effective for challenging locks where precision is key.
4. Half Diamond Picks
Similar to diamond picks, half diamond picks feature a half-diamond-shaped tip but lack the pointed end. Instead, they have a flat edge, making them suitable for both picking pins individually and raking. Half diamond picks are particularly useful for beginners due to their versatility and ease of use. They are effective on a wide range of pin tumbler locks and are a great starting point for those learning the art of lock picking.
5. Tubular Picks
Tubular picks are specialized tools designed specifically for opening tubular locks, which are commonly found in vending machines, bike locks, and some electronic locks. These picks feature a hollow, tubular shaft with a series of pins or needles that correspond to the pins inside the lock. By aligning the needles with the pins and applying rotational pressure, tubular picks can manipulate the lock's internal mechanism and open it with relative ease.
In conclusion, the art of lock picking relies heavily on the use of various types of lock picks, each tailored to different lock mechanisms and picking techniques. From hook picks for precision single pin picking to rake picks for rapid entry, understanding the strengths and applications of each type of pick is essential for locksmiths, security professionals, and enthusiasts alike. Whether you're faced with a simple padlock or a complex high-security lock, having the right tools and knowledge at your disposal can make all the difference in successfully opening it.