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Pen Style Lock Pick Set

1 reviews

$ 37.99

    A traditional S rake on a spring-loaded, pen-style holder, this lock pick tool is the lock pick you need. The tension wrench is the clip. Compact, discreet, and effective for efficient, stealthy lock picking. Treat yourself and be prepared at the same time.
How Do You Use This Lock Pick Tool?

First, remove your tension wrench by loosening up the top. You can do this by twisting it firmly until it detaches. Tighten it again before using the rake to pick locks.

Next, twist the knob in front, and gently push it down like you would with a pen. It has a spring tension, so you have to tighten the knob when you reach the bottom to lock it in place. This will help you have a firm grip on the locks you wish to pick. The pick is an S rake, or a snake rake pick, which is used by newbies to cut time on picking.
Third, insert the pick, and apply tension to the pins inside. You can do this by “raking” the pins inside until it goes in place. Continuously push it in and out to rearrange the pins in place, and gently apply a bit of force on the tension wrench to turn the lock. You can keep doing so until the wrench is completely twisted downward.

Designed to be portable and to fit in the front pocket of your shirt, this tool that looks like a pen is ideal for quick picking.
The pin used to pick is called a snake rake and the quality is durable, as it’s made with stainless steel. 

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  • Smason7707
    17 Mar 2022
    Love this set

    Very sturdy and great quality! Perfect for gold hunters